High school girls in Japan spend seven hours a day on phones

February 11, 2015 4:21 pm

High school girls in spend an average of seven hours a day on
their , a survey has found, with nearly 10 per cent of them
putting in at least 15 hours.
Boys of the same age average just
over four hours’ mobile phone use a day, the survey by information
security firm Digital Arts, published yesterday, said.

High school girls in Japan spend an average of seven hours a day on their mobile phones. Photo / Thinkstock
tend to use their phones for , such as Line, a Japanese
messaging and networking app, as well as smartphone games, making movies
and other sharing apps like Instagram.
The poll comes amid
growing concern over youngsters getting addicted to their portable
technology, with Chinese research showing heavy phone use provokes the
same kind of neurological changes as alcohol or cocaine dependency.
total 96 per cent of Japanese high schoolers have a mobile phone,
against 60 per cent of junior high school students, Digital Arts said.
Almost four in every 10 children in the upper years of elementary school
– from the age of 10 – use a mobile.
The online survey quizzed 618 children from schools across Japan.

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