Former President Olusegun Obasanjo explains why his PDP membership card was torn in public

February 18, 2015 5:10 pm

Former President has explained why his membership
card was publicly destroyed on Monday February 16th. He kinda blamed it
on the man who tore it…

In a telephone interview with Premium Times,
Chief Obasanjo said party members in his ward led by the ward Chairman,
Mr Surajudeen Olajundoye paid him a visit that Monday to express their
concern over his inactivity in the party, saying that his inaction has
made them uncertain of their own political future in PDP. They also told
him that they heard that the state party leadership was in the process
of expelling him from the party. Continue…

“They were concerned that I had only one leg in the party, and worried
that since I’m their leader in the ward, they need to hear from me. “You
are our leader and it is you we are following. You have remained a
card-carrying member of the the party. But since you became angry with
the party we have lost sense of direction and now we are hearing that
they want to expel you. If they expel you, where do we go? What do we
do?” Mr. Obasanjo quoted the ward chairman as saying.

Chief Obasanjo said after listening to them, he resolved that the party can not stand between him and his love for

“In my response, I said when you people came you were singing a song and
I agreed that Nigeria is our own. If the issue is the party, I will not
choose the party at the detriment of Nigeria and I will fight for
Nigeria even at the detriment of the party. I will rather surrender my
membership of the party so you people can move on politically. If you
people’s worry is that I’m a card-carrying member of the party and I’m
not showing you people direction and you are worried that I’m neither
here nor there, this is the card; you can keep it, you can burn it or
you can tear it, do whatever you want to do with it.”

According to him, it was the ward chairman that tore his membership card.

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