Foolish Paedophile Ex-policeman and Lover Plotted to Conceive Baby so They could Abuse & Rape it

February 28, 2015 6:13 am

A foolish former police officer and his lover plotted to conceive a baby so they
could abuse it, rape it and share it with other paedophiles, a court

Alexander McCracken, 35, shared fantasies of raping and murdering
newborn babies with his then-girlfriend and said he
would ‘deffo rape a little baby girl’. According to DailyMail,
police found more than 500 hardcore child porn and bestiality images
when they raided his home in Ayr, many of which were passed on to other

The pair are now facing jail after admitting three charges of possessing and distributing indecent
images of children at Ayr Sheriff Court.
McCracken, who has a 10-year-old son, spent nine years with Strathclyde
Police before being exposed in 2010 as a swinger and a £400-a-night
bisexual prostitute, the Daily Record reported.
Police seized his computer and smartphone in last year’s raid and found a
string of sickening messages including one which suggests they breed a
‘baby toy’ and abuse it ‘as soon as born’.

Sharon Campbell

One, from a user linked to McCracken’s computer, says: ‘Oh would deffo rape a little baby girl.’
When asked if his girlfriend would let him, the reply was:

‘It’s the wife typing lol. I would help him lol.”

The usernames ‘sleazyperv79’ and ‘NepicoupleUK’ were linked to the
computer and mobile used by McCracken.  During one exchange,
‘sleazyperv79’ wrote:

‘Three month old getting molesting … I hope he snuffed her eventually.’ 

John Bradford, prosecuting, said:

 ‘The chat indicates that the user has a predilection to violently
sexually abuse these infants to death, or allow others do do so. The
communications include content of a paedophilic nature, comments on the
rape and killing of newborn babies and what purports to be a couple
trying for a baby so that they can sexually abuse her.’

He revealed that cybercrime experts found 551 such images in Yahoo
Messenger chat files after the raid in January last year. The majority
of the images were category five, the most depraved possible and most
were passed among paedophiles between July 2012 and October 2013.

Mr  Bradford said: ‘The images are predominantly of young girls, with
the majority being newborn, babies and toddlers with a few up to about
the age of eight.’

Police were alerted to the couple’s actions by the National Online Child Abuse Protection service.
Campbell, 39, who was a support worker for elderly people with mental
health problems at a care home in Ayr, is no longer with McCracken.

Her lawyer, Peter Lockhart, said: ‘This is a frankly shocking and
appalling offence and she recognises that. She has co-operated fully
throughout and there is no getting away from it that a custodial
sentence must be uppermost in your mind.’

McCracken’s lawyer Jill Malloy said he complied fully with strict bail
conditions and had no unsupervised contact with females under 16 and no
internet use where history could be hidden.
She added that he had lost his job as a factory production worker.

Sheriff Scott Pattison called for reports before sentencing next month.
He said: ‘These offences are of the utmost seriousness. You are
fortunate you have been prosecuted in the sheriff court.’

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