Father of beautiful girl who won the 2015 PZ Cusson Baby Moment competition cries out after wife took another man to represnt him at competition

February 17, 2015 1:03 pm

, the father of Morireluwa, the beautiful girl who won
the 2015 PZ Cusson baby moment which held in Lagos on February 1st, has
cried out after his wife, Funmi Davids, who he is currently separated
from, took another man to represent him at the grand finale of the

an interview with Encomium mag, Oluyinka (above) said he and his wife
separated a while back and she moved out of their matrimonial home. He
said to get back at him, she took another man, her younger
sister’s husband, to pose as the father of his daughter during the
finale of the competition. He said he got his daughter registered for
the competition but that as the little girl was advancing in the
competition, she shut him out. I got a copy of the mag and typed out the
interview. See it after the cut

I started it all, got my daughter registered, got her a professional
photographer, personally worked and also employed a PR person who worked
tirelessly for her on the contest. I knew she would win. I often told
her so. I sometimes even rehearsed how she would be announced the
winner and yes she did win, all the glory to God. Myself and my wife had
a serious misunderstanding which led to temporary separation but I
never ignored or denied the fact that the baby she’s carrying is my
daughter. I am still responsible for her upkeep even till now. She
called me  and said “Your daughter Morireoluwa Davids needed a two
minute video for the next stage of the competition”. That was when I
knew she made it to the third stage. And I was like so because she needs
a video and her father is a cinematographer, that is why I am getting
to know my baby had gone this far in a competition I registered her.
Meanwhile shortly before this, during my daughter’s first birthday, I
ordered a big customized cake, clothes and toys for her. She turned the
person I sent to deliver the stuff. I was embarrassed and deeply hurt.
She was so rude and mannerless. She said so many things to me. I still
have her message saved. So I told her to go and get the video done
elsewhere for our baby because she only had to tell me because some of
my staff she asked without my permission turned her down” he said

said what his wife did by bringing another man to represent him at the
finale was clearly a case of impersonation & blamed the organizers. (Pic of the man his estranged wife took along above)
That is what it is and it is punishable under the law. I had a
misunderstanding with my wife so she probably thought she could get at
me by taking someone else along as the father of my child, not realizing
the consequences. I blame PZ! Why? Because they claimed she told them
she was having a misunderstanding with the father of the baby and when
eventually someone showed up, they didn’t confirm before they addressed
him as Mr Oluyinka Davids as published in The Nation Newspaper February
9th 2015″he said

Oluyinka said the man used to impersonate him at the PZ baby competition was the husband to the younger sister of his wife

feels terrible to be impersonated. Especially because I know the guy.
His real name is Dehinde Olayokun. He is married to Boluwatife Olayiwola
Olayokun who happens to be my wife’s youngest sister. She and her
immediate elder brother, Dayo Olayiwola, with some boys had harassed and
beaten me up in my house which is one of the reasons my wife and I are
having a misunderstanding”he said
Oluyinka says his lawyer is working to seek legal redress.
His wife, Mrs Funmi Davids when contacted via phone told the magazine…

“It is better you sleep around than the cheap job you think
you are doing. If you ever call my number again, you will regret your

Meanwhile the management of PZ Cusson
speaking through its brand manager, Seun Ayeni, say they see the matter
as a domestic one and do not want to get involved
have spoken to the lawyer of the biological father of the baby, Mr
Oluyinka Davids and we do not want to get involved in their domestic
issues. Our lawyer is already handling the issue and we are okay with
that” he said
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