Defense HQ releases statement calling Obasanjo an embarrassment to the military

February 16, 2015 7:57 pm

Nigerian military just released a statement on its Facebook page
blasting former president and retired General over his
recent remarks alleging that president Jonathan wants to use the
military/Service Chiefs to extend his tenure. Find the Defense press
statement below…

Defence Headquarters has noted the remarks of a former President, Chief
Olusegun Obasanjo as reported in the media stating his views on
perceived state of the armed forces and the roles being allegedly played
by the military in the nation’s political process in recent times. The
leadership and cross section of the military believes that the former
President and retired General has every right to be interested in the
actions and fate of the military. Hence, his views like many others will
continue to be accorded the well-deserved attention. It is however
noteworthy that most of his utterances lately indicate an attitude of
playing to the gallery or indulging in politicization of serious
national security or military affairs.
instance, the comments credited to Chief Obasanjo alleging that the
postponement of the General Elections was to enable President Jonathan
to use the Service Chiefs to plot a tenure extension is to say the
least, very surprising. It is surprising indeed, considering the fact
that the retired General chose to ignore the clarification and emphatic
assurances of non-partisanship of the military as declared in a DHQ
statement on the position of the Armed Forces in the ongoing political
activities. His motive as usual remains unknown but it is certainly less
than noble or well intentioned. We dare say again that Chief Obasanjo’s
assertions are false.

as the military desires to respect the old General and his views, it
has become necessary to point out that his conduct and unguarded
utterances of late has fallen short of the standard of discipline
expected of an individual who has had the privilege of service in the
military and risen to the status of a General. The behavior of retired
General (Chief) Obasanjo has been so unbecoming and continues to
constitute a serious embarrassment to the military before all who have
reasonably and rightly adjudged the essence of military background in
terms of the high value and standard it tends to contribute to

feel constrained to remind the old General that the world has moved
beyond that parochial and self-adulating reasoning and mindset which he
seems stuck to. Indeed, he needs to be told that by virtue of their
better training, exposure, education, assessment and environment, the
military personnel of today are already far beyond his level in their
appreciation of democracy and it’s indispensability for the stable and
prosperous society which Nigerians cherish.

this instance, the military wishes to inform the retired General, that
the institution which he bequeathed to the nation has .certainly
developed beyond how he left it. The Nigerian military is now better
placed to strive for the maintenance of the legacies & ethos of
service, valour, subordination to constituted authorities, and
nonpartisan commitment to duty and fatherland. It has to be restated
that the military as an institution, is neither as inept in the
discharge of its duties, nor is it being misused for political ends in
the manner the retired General Obasanjo who was also a former President
has possibly been made to believe.

the system now strongly believes in Democracy as well as its structures
and institutions to the extent that It will do nothing whatsoever to
undermine or truncate the steady growth and development of the nation’s
democracy. The military will remain professional as it keeps doing its
best along with others to ensure adequate security and defence of the
nation’s territorial integrity in this auspicious period in the country.

Defence Headquarters will like to encourage Chief Obasanjo to be
genuinely interested in the growth & sustenance of ’s
democratic credentials. He is also enjoined to endeavor to improve in
his understanding of intricate issues and try to encourage the military
rather than continue with this tendency to indulge in imputation of
ulterior motives to every effort, all for the purpose of discrediting
well thought out policies or decisions related to the military’s roles
in the polity. The support of all well-meaning elderly Nigerians remains
vital in the onerous duty of working for the stability, defence, and
peace of our country under duly constituted authorities in a democratic
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