Dbanj Hoped and Prayed To Become the Biggest Entertainer Out Of Africa

February 21, 2015 8:57 am
has opened up to the Nigerian Tribune on his achievements so far

Did you imagine how far you will get to when you started?

My first single was out in October 2004 and my first album was released
on the 25th of March 2005. Yes. As at then, I always said I was an
entertainer. I always said “I’m Dbanj” as loud as I could. And I hoped
and prayed that I’d become the biggest entertainer to ever come out of
Africa. I also prayed that I will be the richest entertainer and so on. I
had a lot of dreams. And it has been a great challenge since ten years
up until now. When I count my blessings I see that God has been faithful
to me. There are places I have been to that I didn’t think I would ever
get, although I dreamt big. There are a number of stages I didn’t
foresee I’d get to that I am honoured to be in. It can only get better.
And I am very grateful to God.
Can you tell us the highest point of your career so far?

Last year I gave a speech at the World Bank summit. That for me was
different because it had nothing to do with music. Although I spoke
briefly about music, my speech was mainly about the youths of my
generation. And to be in that kind of gathering, to face such audience
showed that I was not only an artiste, but also that I am capable of
representing my generation. And that is the one thing I have always
wanted to do: to be a good example for my generation.

 Will you be taken up more official engagements this year? 

Yes. But I would have to balance it with the music. This year I want to
give back more than I did last year with agriculture. This year, there
will be more talks, performances, parties and music. And who knows? I
might get to Hollywood this year.

 You recently kicked started your tenth anniversary with .Amber Rose hosting the kick off. How do you feel after ten years?

I already told you when and how I started. It was a rough ride to the
top but now we are here. It is, of course, an amazing feeling to still
have been in the industry up till now, to have gotten so many
recognitions and achievements. And just recently I signed the deal to
become Ciroc ambassador. Wetin dey to talk for there again, my brother!
God dey!

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