Daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin Identified After She Backs A $1.7 Billion University Startup

February 1, 2015 2:33 am
Russian President Vladimir Putin
has gone to great lengths to ensure the identify of his daughters
remain as secretive as possible. However, it seems the identity of
Putin’s youngest daughter Katerina is a secret no longer. Katerina is
backing a $1.7 billion university startup project that has thrust her
identity into the public eye.

Radio Free Europe
reports that the Geneva-based journalist, , who claims to
have uncovered Putin’s daughter’s identity says “her public coming out
inevitable.” In fact, he says that the $1.7 billion project is so large
that it is “impossible” to keep her participation secret.

“This Moscow State University project is too big and to conceal her participation there was just impossible.”

Katerina is said to be the director of Innopraktika, the company
involved in the project. The goal behind the project is to create “the
most useful structure to contribute to the prevention of brain drain” in
by building a science building next to the Moscow State
Putin has done his best to ensure that his daughters stayed out of
the media spotlight. In fact, Putin has made it known that his private
life, including information on his former wife and daughters, is not to
be placed in the media. It is considered taboo and he treated the girls
lives as if they were “state secrets.” Slate notes that neither Katerina, 28, or her sister Maria, 29, have given press interviews.
According to the report by Kashin, Katerina Putin goes by the name .

“Kashin reported that a woman known as Katerina
Vladimirovna Tikhonova, who has been named as head of an organization
working with Moscow State University to develop a large patch of ground
near its main building in an affluent area in southwest Moscow, is
Putin’s daughter Katerina.”

Prior to Kashin revealing Katerina’s true identity, rumors had been
circulating for some time that Katerina was Putin’s daughter.

“It had been a popular Moscow rumor for the last half a
year or even more. People who had been exposed to this, including
myself, either were reluctant to talk about it or were bound by other
sorts of obligations.”
It is not only Katerina’s participation in the $1.7 billion
university project that has people talking. Her dance moves are also
gaining a lot of attention. Katerina is an acrobatic dancer who has
performed in Russian and European competitions. Katerina has some pretty
serious dance moves as she finished “sixth at the European
championships for acrobatic rock’n’roll in Kaliningrad last year.” A
clip of her rock’n’roll acrobatic performance can be seen below.

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