Cynthia Morgan do not find P’Square Attractive

February 2, 2015 4:52 pm

known as opened up to the Nation about taking over the industry and her relationship with Jude Okoye who signed her and his brother,

How old are you now?

I am 23 and still holding it down..

Every time you appear on Television or release pictures for the media
you exude sex. Even in your lyrics, you do the same thing, so much that
one will look at you and say she can’t do without sex, how often do you
have sex?

Hahaha… I know I am sexy but that doesn’t mean I am an addict.

You were quoted somewhere to have said you will exceed the musical
achievements of the likes of P’Square, Tuface, D’banj and other new
generation pathfinders of Nigerian music. With what you have achieved so
far, will you say you are on course?

I’m one hundred percent confident that I am on course. And I think there
is no young artiste who should not aspire to be greater than these guys
that have open doors internationally for us. Take for instance, when
the likes of P’Square started, there was no semblance of structure. It
was war before you will be heard outside the shores of Nigeria. But the
case is different in our own era. I just began and I already have a
humongous fan base in countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and
other foreign countries. Even the twins (P’Square) are proud of what I
have been able to achieve in no time. The reality is that this is just
the beginning.

When North Side came along to sign you and you realised
you were going to be under the same management with P’Square, did you
not feel or are you not feeling any pressure to deliver?

A whole lot of people have been asking me ‘how have you been able to
cope with these guys that are known globally and I tell you what I say
to them: ‘I have never been under the shadow of P’Square from day one
and even when it was time to break out into the market, I did not fly
under their wings.’ I never did that baby P’Square thing. Anywhere they
are, I will be there. It is a mentality my people are proud of. I just
let my work speak – not that Nigerians should listen to me because
P’Square said so. In fact a whole lot of people do not know I am with
The pressure is from me, because I work, knowing they are the biggest in
Africa and I cannot afford to be less than that. That is the only
pressure I feel. People have been asking, ‘when will you do a song with
P’Square since you have them at your beck and call?’ And I tell them I
am not a baby P’Square. I am working and they are working. I know when
they listen to my materials they are the ones that will say Cynthia, you
no won put us for your album?

Are you that confident?

Yes of course, they must indicate interest first. In fact they need to
beg me to be in my album and I will have to see if it is possible. I am
not just going to feature them because I have access to them or because
we are under the same management.

 You work with three very attractive men in your label. Have you ever
experienced any form of sexual harassment or don’t you have a crush on
any of them?

Paul and Peter are like my big brothers while Jude (our manager) is my
father. So, there is just no way I can develop a sexual relationship
with any of them, because we are one big happy family.
The level where our business has got to is such that they don’t see me as a fine girl and I do not find them attractive too.
If them wan babe I go help them find.  Please no let their wives see
this one oh. That’s a joke o. What am I even saying? If I sleep with any
member of P’Square, it will amount to nothing short of incest.

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