Cristiano Ronaldo to be offered a course in Canadian university

February 7, 2015 3:21 am

A Canadian university is offering fans of the opportunity to take a course on the .

is enrolling for a fourth-year
sociology module on Ronaldo due to his popularity and influence on
Portuguese and global society.

Luis LM Aguiar, associate
professor of sociology in UBC Okanagan’s Irving K. Barber School of Arts
and Sciences, said: “Sociology is nothing if not the delving into the
processes of structuring identities and experiences and exposing the
social forces that push these processes.

“In this case, I’m
interested in how Ronaldo has been used to construct several discourses
about who he is, what makes him distinct as a footballer, what is his
relationship to , Madeira (his hometown) and indeed Portuguese

During the semester-long course, students will examine the stereotypical image of Ronaldo and the Portuguese diaspora.

is said to embody features and characteristics of speed, strength,
competetiveness, dogged work ethic, discipline, and adaptability,”
added Aguiar on

“These features are also
in a sense ‘very Portuguese’ since the Portuguese outside the homeland
are nothing if not constructed as hard workers, disciplined and
determined. Even as a global athlete transcending geographical
boundaries, Ronaldo cannot  escape the stereotypical constructions of
‘the Portuguese’.

“My two greatest passions are football and
critical sociology. A course on Cristiano Ronaldo gives me the
opportunity to combine the two.

“While I’m an admirer of Ronaldo,
I’m also a sociologist interested in understanding the social and
economic forces driving the various constructions of this athlete and
what this says about our contemporary values and culture.”

is not the first Madrid name to become the subject of higher education.
Staffordshire University offered students the chance to take a module
in ‘David Beckham studies’ prior to the former England captain’s move
from Manchester United to Spain.

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