Convicted Bali Nine pair Australians – The letters the court rejected

February 17, 2015 10:26 am

Convicted Nine pair Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran
Sukumaran, both set to be executed under Indonesia’s tough drug laws,
wrote letters to the courts to ask for a second chance.
Their pleas for mercy were rejected, and their families have now said their final farewells.

Myuran Sukumaran (left) and Andrew Chan on death row. Photos / AP
Read both letters in full below.
27 January 2015
Your Honour President Bapak Joko Widodo and Chairman of the Supreme Court.
name is Andrew Chan and at this moment, I’m kept in a corrections
facility in Bali Indonesia. Life in prison is tough. And it becomes more
difficult because my family live very far away and I rarely meet them.
But I’m writing this letter not to complain about this because I know I
deserve to be jailed for quite a long time.
Your Honour, the
reason I’m writing this letter is to beg Your Honour to understand me
and that Your Honour could see from the bottom of his heart that I as a
human have been reformed with a changed heart.

Far from family and friends, many things have made me appreciate the value of real life and that has changed me into the me now.
like a broken cup, but doesn’t mean that I can’t be repaired. In the
last ten years in the system of this country that Your Honour leads, it
has made me complete, to love Indonesian people and help them.
realise that if I had abused the trust back then I have to regain that
trust by showing that I can be trusted. I want to say that I’m guilty of
the that I committed. I’m not trying to justify or belittle what I
have done.
I beg that Your Honour gives me a second chance to show Your Honour that I have changed.
spend my time right now teaching others not to commit the same mistakes
I have done and that they need to realise the pain, the suffering and
the countless sleepless nights caused by that. I can say those things
because I did the same thing to my family.
I’m learning to be a
pastor. I could praise myself for lots of things, but anyone can praise
themselves and so I will let others speak for me, including prison
officers, prisoners, even the prison governor. I say thank you for Your
Honour’s time to read this letter and I pray that Your Honour will
understand me better.
Your Honour, I’ve always loved the people
and the country of Indonesia and I’m hoping again that Your Honour could
see from the bottom of his heart that I’m a changed person, who has
changed for the better and maybe one day, you could see it for yourself.
I hope from the heart that Your Honour could give me a second chance.
Respectfully, Andrew Chan
27 January 2015
Your Honour President Bapak Joko Widodo and Your Honour Chairman of the Supreme Court.
and foremost, I’d like to apologise to Bapak for my actions 10 years
ago. I have caused so much trouble and I even don’t know how to start
apologising to Bapak for my actions in 2005. I know that whatever I say
will not mean a lot, but I’m truly sorry. At that time, I was very young
and foolish and uneducated. I know my words are weak, but I want you to
know that I have been trying from the moment I realised the extent of
the suffering caused by my actions.
After realising how many
people I have hurt, I’ve tried to amend my mistake by doing positive and
useful things for people around me. From that moment, I have tried to
be a respectable man and someone my family can be proud of. I’m very
ashamed of how bad I have embarrassed my family and my country because
of my wrong doings. And I have tried to be a good man since that time.
far, it has not been easy because jail is not an easy place to live.
It’s even worse when your family lives far away in different country.
It’s very difficult to be a good man inside prison and for a long time, I
thought it was not possible for me to change who I was. But after
learning Bahasa Indonesia and getting to know officers in Kerobokan
prison, they taught me!
They showed me kindness and love, they
showed me patience, they helped me to start a computer program and we
teach Microsoft Office to other prisoners here and many people are happy
to learn it. I know I’m a good person by living a good and productive
life, by helping others. I must thank Bapak because it’s Kerobokan
prison and its officers here who have made me this way and I’m happy to
become the person that I am now. Thanks to Bapak, because your country
has taught me over the past 10 years. Many hard things, but honestly
many (other) important, good things.
I know this letter will mean
nothing to you Bapak or having an impact on my execution, which is
getting closer, but I want you to know that I have changed, I’m now a
good person because of my experience here.
The officers never
stop encouraging me to behave well and do positive things. They are very
enthusiastic to have further programs so that we can set up a design
studio and teach Photoshop and Corel Draw to other prisoners. These
courses are so very popular that we developed a printing course and
finally the drawing and painting class, music class, philosophy and
English class, psychology class and first aid class. We also have sports
programs, tennis coaching, boxing and weight lifting and we also have
competitions that people enjoy.
In a way, Bapak, I would like to
thank you even though I’m in prison. If the lowest point of a society is
prison, then it must be noted that your prison has changed me into an
extraordinary person, a good man, an educated man.
I just want to give my appreciation to the officers in Kerobokan Prison who have taught me.
Thank you Bapak
Respectfully, Myuran Sukumaran

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