Chineese 90-Year Old Widow whose 17 children all died gets the surprise of her life after placing newspaper Ad

February 17, 2015 11:31 pm

A Chinese 90 year old widow got the surprise of her life after she
placed a little note in her local paper asking people to turn up for her
funeral when she died. Su Guiying didn’t know her heartrending little
note would change her life,as dozens of people showed up at her house to
show they cared.

The 90-year-old, tragically lost all of her 17
children shortly after they were born or while they were still young,
and has finally been gifted the family she always craved .

to spending the New Year festival alone, all of a sudden Su’s home in
the village of Hongxia on the outskirts of Ruichang City in southern
’s Jiangxi province, was overrun with well-wishers touched by her
lonely plea.

She was so overcome at the attention after years of
isolation that, with the day itself fast approaching on February 19, she
burst into tears and declared it already the best New Year’s festival
she has ever had.Su said

 ‘I married when I was young, just 17, but I lost my first two children
and then my husband abandoned me saying I was unlucky.’Then I remarried
but the next nine children which I had almost every year died at birth
or not so long after.
My second husband died when I was 33. But I
married a third time and we had six children together, though I stopped
hoping after that about having a family. ‘My child who lived the longest
was aged three when he died, it broke my heart. I lost all the children
and then my third husband died.

 Desperate and alone, she adopted a girl at the age of two, but when the
girl was 19 years old she tracked down her original parents, a wealthy
couple from the Chinese capital Beijing, and left Su never to return.For
the last 40 years since then she has lived on her own with no immediate
family or friends but when her sad story was published in the run up to
Chinese New Year, when families traditionally get together, she was
inundated with offers of people who wanted to visit her. One young man,
Wang Wen, 25, has put up a tent in her loft and promised to spend the
entire New Year with her
 Another visitor, Heng Wan, 29, said:

 ‘I lost both my parents in a car accident so when I heard about this
woman I was very happy to visit her and give her what she never had. She
really is a wonderful and remarkable woman.

 And , 30, who also visited, said:

‘I live near my family and I will be spending New Year with them, but I
wanted to take one day to visit this woman and give her a little
something as well to also honour my own family.’

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