Chelsea fan to explain to police about racist thugs

February 24, 2015 6:19 am

A director of an international human rights organisation has admitted
he was involved in preventing a black French man from entering a Paris
underground train amid racist chanting by Chelsea football fans.
Barklie, 50, a former police officer from Northern and a
veteran Chelsea fan, spoke through his lawyers after he was named as one
of three men wanted by Scotland Yard.
However, he insisted he
was not a racist and said he would explain the context and circumstances
behind his actions to the police.
He is seen in video footage of
the incident twice pushing Souleymane S, whose surname has not been
publicised, out of the carriage.

A football fan holds up an anti racism banner referring to the incident. Photo / AP
Barklie is on the board of
directors of the World Human Rights Forum, with people from countries
including Nigeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Canada and Germany. The
forum’s website says it is dedicated to promoting “human rights, values
and global well-being”.

Barklie’s lawyers said: “Pending formal engagement with
police, our client is anxious to put on record his total abhorrence for
racism and any activity associated with it. As someone who has spent
years working with disadvantaged communities in Africa and India he can
point to a CV in human rights work which undermines any suggestion he is
They said a senior official in the forum had “confirmed
their support” for Barklie, a season ticket holder at Chelsea who has
travelled to matches for more than 20 years.
“He travelled alone
to the Paris St Germain match and has no knowledge whatsoever of the
identities of the other people depicted in recent YouTube videos. He
wants to stress that he was not and never has been part of any group or
faction of Chelsea supporters.
“He did not participate in racist
chanting and singing and condemns any behaviour supporting that. He
accepts he was involved in an incident when a person now known to him as
Souleymane S was unable to enter a part of the train. He has an account
to give to police which will explain the context and circumstances as
they prevailed at that particular time.”
Barklie expressed his “sincerest apologies for the trauma and stress suffered by Mr Souleymane”.
Met police spokesman said the three men had been identified and the
force was liaising with the French authorities. None of the men sought
by Scotland Yard have been arrested as any offences took place outside
the .
Chelsea has already suspended five members.

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