Bruce Jenner’s sexual preference uncertain now that he’s becoming a woman

February 6, 2015 1:43 pm

After living as a heterosexual man for 65 years, ’s sexual
preference is now uncertain after cross-sex hormone therapy. TMZ reports below…

Bruce Jenner, who has been married three times and produced 6 children — could
become attracted to men after a powerful element of his transition into a
woman takes hold … this according to medical experts and members of
the transgender community.

TMZ has spent several days surveying medical experts, who tell us
Bruce is in the middle of Cross-sex Hormone Therapy, which involves
heavy doses of estrogen.

The estrogen drives down levels of testosterone and the brain
“feminizes” — in the vernacular, he begins to “think like a woman.”

Several prominent doctors in the field tell us, the hormones often
change sexual preference. These doctors say in cases where sexual
preferences change from women to men, the patient often had suppressed
feelings before the transition and the estrogen allows their true
feelings to surface.

One leader in the transgender community tells TMZ … she says based
on 300 transsexuals in various countries, 1/3 of them retained their
sexual preference, 1/3 identified themselves as bisexual and 1/3 changed
sexual preference.

As for Bruce … we’re told he’s in a transformative stage, where his
skin will change, and his breasts will grow and his voice will become
more feminine. The changes are enhanced by procedures Bruce has already
completed, including Botox, facial laser hair removal and several other
surgeries, including his laryngeal shave.

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