Bruce Jenner’s Older Sister, Pam Mettler Talks about His Transition and Car Crash

February 21, 2015 10:30 am

’s older sister, talks about Bruce transition
and recent car crash he was involved in in an interview with Daily Mail.

See what they reported

Pam described her younger
sibling as her ‘best friend’ and says she fully supports the reality
star, who makes a point of visiting her at her Palm Beach, Florida home
on a regular basis.
asked about Bruce’s widely reported plans to transition into a woman,
Pam said from her Florida home: ‘This is Bruce’s story he will talk
about it when he is ready.’ 
my god yes, Bruce and I talk all the time,’ she continued, ‘We are all
very close. Bruce often comes to visit me here, we are best friends. We
fully support him.’
When the
topic shifted to her brother’s car wreck in Malibu earlier this month,
which ended in one person dead and seven more injured, Pam said: ‘I am
very much in contact with Bruce and his people over this. 
‘We will see what happens with the crash, people are saying a lot of different things. I have no idea what actually happened.’


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