Bruce Jenner Postponing His S3x Change for obvious reasons

February 12, 2015 7:08 am

After his involvement in the fatal car crash which saw one dead , has put his alleged s3x change on hold

Bruce was reportedly set to sit down for a tell-all interview with Diane
Sawyer as well as documenting his “journey” for a docu-series.But, he
has decided to put it all on hold as he comes to terms with the accident
.According to Radaronline

“The accident is now taking precedence over his personal journey to
become a woman,”“The interview with Diane Sawyer, the filming of the
docu-series and the surgery will carry on, but there is a delay [in the
wider process],” the source said, revealing his plans for s3x
reassignment surgery are “on hold now because Bruce’s central focus has
shifted.Bruce is giving all of his time and energy right now into
helping out with the investigation and in making sure that there is
peace for those close to the deceased.”

Police are still investigating what led to the crash as he could face vehicular manslaughter charges if found to be wanting.

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