Boko Haram Incur Heavy Casualty In Two Days Of Nigerian Military Operations To Clear 11 Communities

February 18, 2015 6:14 pm

Mopping up operation of some of the communities where have
been cleared in the course of ongoing air and land operations against
terrorists has indicated massive casualty inflicted on them within the
last two days of the counter terrorists operations.  Over 300 terrorists
were killed while a few were also captured.  Several weapons and
equipment were also captured and some destroyed.

                                            Nigerian troops after the operations

It has been confirmed that that 5 different types of armoured
fighting vehicles, an anti-aircraft gun, about 50 cases of packed bombs
and 8 different types of Machine Guns, 5 Rocket Propelled Grenade, 49
boxes of various types and calibres of ammunition as well as 300
motorcycles destroyed in the fighting.  A total of 6 Hilux vehicles
including those mounted with anti-aircraft guns were also
destroyed. However, 2 soldiers lost their lives while 10 others were
wounded in the course of the operation.

The cordon and search
operations is continuing along with aggressive patrols by troops who are
now dominating the cleared communities such as , Gabchari, Abba
Jabari, , , Gajiram, , , ,
and Kabrisungul. The various phases of the highly coordinated air and
land operations is also ongoing in the designated theaters being handled
by contingents involved in the renewed counter campaign in
and outside Nigeria.

Major General
Director Defence Information

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