Bode George Planning To Flee Nigeria if APC Wins the 2015 Nigeria Poll

February 17, 2015 6:51 am

 Chief , a chieftain and close pal of former president
Olusegun Obasanjo in a new interview with PUNCH had this to say when he
was asked about why the military surrounded former Governor Bola
Tinubu’s house in Lagos.

  • Why did the military surround former Governor Bola Tinubu’s house?

If Bola Tinubu finds his way into national government, I will go on
exile. He hasn’t the temerity and the calmness of mind. They don’t even
know what to do in power. Because the vice-president is his boy, he will
just order that Bode George should be picked up.
He said soldiers came to him but he must have been dreaming. When he said soldiers had surrounded
his house, I drove down there because my house is
not too far from there. I know the hierarchy of the military and its
behaviour. That they surrounded his house is lie number one because on
either side of his house are two buildings. There is also one at the
back. So, I wondered where the soldiers were hiding.

Why would you lie for public consumption? So when I got down there, I
knew that his spin doctors were working. These days people go on the
social media and the story went viral. Why would he (President Godluck
Jonathan) from Abuja, be running after Bola?

Let them be very careful about the statements they are making. More so,
if Obasanjo is now linking Jonathan with what happened in Cote d’Ivoire
and coup; not in this 21st Century. That is past and gone forever. No
nation goes through this kind of tribulation twice and survive. We have
had our own experience of Civil War and I pray that God does not direct
our minds in that direction and our people have to watch their mouths. 

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