Bobbi Kristina’s ‘boyfriend’ Nick Gordon Issues Public Plea Begging to See Her after Family Refused his Private Pequests

February 19, 2015 7:28 am

After private attempts by Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend to
visit her in hospital have been stonewalled by Bobby Brown and the
Houston family, he has taken the desperate step of issuing a public plea
through his lawyer. In a statement released on Wednesday, Gordon’s
lawyer Randall Kessler said his client ‘desperately wants to be with the
one he loves.’

Gordon’s efforts to see Bobbi Kristina have been blocked by the family
claims Kessler, with relatives of Bobby Brown threatening to lay ‘hands
on him’ if he shows up. Kessler said:

 “Nick has been trying, privately, to do everything he can to see Bobbi
Kristina cooperatively. He has respected the family’s wishes and for
that reason alone has not returned to the hospital and risked a public
confrontation… He continues to hope that his request will be granted.’ 

Gordon reportedly made an attempt to visit his girlfriend after she had
been first hospitalized earlier this month, but instead he got into a
physical confrontation with her relatives.  He sent a defiant message to
Bobby Brown and the Houston family just days ago when he had the ailing
heiress’s name tattooed across his arm in huge letters. He posted the
picture on his Facebook page after being barred from visiting her

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