Unfortunately, Mr. Daddy Freeze of CoalFM is Divorcing

February 24, 2015 12:03 pm

I decide to post this just to remind some ladies of today who focus more
on their looks and swags but they have nothing to offer in terms of
character. After the man is tired of your beauty, he will look for your
good character, and if you have nothing to offer, he would prefer a
village girl to all your assets.
What’s the point? Character is king, it’ll keep you in your husband’s house, not your looks and boobs.

It is common to see or hear ladies, especially those in the cities with
some level of education, claiming equal rights with their men today.
That is not how life was programmed to be, two equal captains can never
co-exist peacefully within the same home. It’s a real disaster waiting
to happen.

If God made you a man, take your position as the head. If God made you a
woman, accept your position as the virtuous woman who should be loyal
to her man and be his help-meet; not his equal.

The lady above is very beautiful and well endowed, yet her husband has dumped her. Ladies, be wise!

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