BBM Planning To Introduce “Customized PINs”, Ad-Free Subscriptions Soon

February 21, 2015 10:59 am

Since BBM went cross platform(android and iOS), has been
looking at new ways to monetise the instant messaging platform. One of
such ways, has been to put adds in your feeds and invites, without
necessarily disrupting the experience while chatting.
If you are one of those who find the ads annoying, there may be a way
out soon. BlackBerry is said to be testing a subscription based, ad-free
version of BBM, that would take the ads away for a small recurring fee.

BlackBerry is also said to be trying out a new paid service, that would let you pick a custom “vanity” PIN
for your BBM rather than being assigned one as is the case right now.
It is unclear if BlackBerry will allow you use the full range of
characters or they would still be limited to the current rage.

Both features are already showing up for users in the BlackBerry beta zone, but aren’t functional as of right now.

So would you pay for an ad free BBM or customised PIN? Do leave your comments.

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