Ayo Fayose Is Mentally Sick, He Needs Immediate Attention Of A Psychiatric Doctor- Igbokwe

February 25, 2015 5:58 pm

Igbokwe is the publicity secretary of Lagos .

The Lagos state chapter of the All Progressives Congress
(APC), has berated Governor of Ekiti state over his recent
attacks on its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, saying
that the Ekiti governor is mentally sick and needs the immediate
attention of a psychiatric doctor.

Speaking through a press statement signed by the Lagos state
publicity secretary of the party Mr Joe Igbokwe, the APC boasted that
not a million Fayoses can prevent General Buhari from being sworn in as
the democratically elected president of on May 29, 2015.
Read the full statement below:Anybody who sees Ayo Fayose, the so-called governor of Ekiti State
should please beg him to see a psychiatric doctor before it is too late.
From the look of things now I do not know if the man ever sleeps at

From the look of things I can say authoritatively that he wakes up in
the dead of the night to cry and curse the day General Buhari was born.
I am sure he has fallen out with everybody; his siblings and members of
his family included because of this Buhari factor.
After robbing former governor Fayemi of Ekiti State, Fayose has been
on top of the world celebrating his so-called victory until the bubble

When the result of the June 21 Ekiti gubernatorial election was made
public I remember I told anybody who cares to listen that APC must find
out what went wrong before it happens in other APC states. When the
elections shifted to Osun State, APC knew that it has to stand up or PDP
will get bolder and repeat the same onslaught.
APC took the bull by the horns and the rest is now history. Now
almost seven months after, the sordid story of what took place in Ekiti
began to emerge.
It took the well-respected online publishing company, Sahara
Reporters to unravel what went wrong in Ekiti State. Nigeria and the
world was shown the audio recording of how Ayo Fayose, Musliu Obanikoro,
Chris Ubah, Iyiola Omisore, Police Affairs Minister, Jelili Adesiyan,
Brigadier General Momoh and many others conspired to rob former governor
Fayemi at gun point.
Ayo Fayose, Jelili, Obanikoro have since acknowledged their presence
at the meeting but still denying the obvious and painful truth that they
ordered the police and military personnel around and used them
extensively to steal Ekiti State at gun point.

But the worst hit in this criminality and brigandage is the man Ayo
Fayose. Never in the history of this country have we seen this type of
abuse of the military in a civilian dispensation by a bloody civilian.
Ever since General Buhari emerged the candidate of APC and the events
that have followed his emergence Ayo Fayose has been a ghost of himself.

He fears Buhari more than anything under the sun. Even though Buhari
is yet to win the Presidential elections slated for February 14 2015 and
now shifted to March 28 2015, Ayo Fayose will not sleep.
He fears even his shadow and even a knock at the door by his
siblings, his aides and neighbours. For Ayo Fayose, the fear of Buhari
is now the beginning of wisdom.

This is the reason he wants General Buhari dead by all means. Fayose
once bought the front pages of The Punch and The Sun Newspapers not only
to pass a death sentence on Buhari because the man is 72, he used the
same medium to mock dead leaders from a section of the country.
Fayose nearly provoked an ethnic war in the country but the situation
was managed by leaders across Nigeria who rose in their thousands to
condemn Fayose without mincing words. But Fayose will not listen.
Soon Fayose started the campaigns that Buhari is sick. He has been
trailing the APC Presidential candidate anywhere he goes. He has been
monitoring the man’s movement anywhere he goes. Buhari travelled to
London and Fayose followed him to London claiming that GMB has gone for
Now can’t Buhari go for medical check up like every other Nigerian of
his status? Can’t Buhari go for treatment just like any other Nigerian
of his calibre?

What is wrong in anybody going for medical check up or treatment?
When has it become an offence for prominent leaders to go for check up?
On Monday in all the papers and everywhere on the internet, the mentally
Now who is Ayo Fayose in Nigeria that will stop candidate Buhari?
Where is his capacity and capability to stop this movement? Who is
behind this loose canon?

Who is beating the drum for this Unclad dancer? Of what meat is Ayo
Fayose fed? I know that a million Ayo Fayoses cannot stop Buhari from
being sworn in as president on May 29, 2015. I know Fayose is playing to
the gallery.

I know Fayose is being tormented by his past. Fayose has two murder
cases hanging on his neck. Fayose has used thugs to attack a High Court
Judge. Fayose has abused the State Assembly in Ekiti State.

Fayose has abused and frustrated the Speaker by using five members of
the House to impeach him. Fayose has used five members to screen his
Commissioners. Fayose has passed the 2015 Budget with five members of
the House of Assembly out of 26 members.
Power has turned Fayose to something else that he no longer thinks.
Soon Fayose will be called to come and give an account of his open
criminality and brigandage in Ekiti. Buhari will bring Fayose to
judgment in the fullness of time.

The world is now seeing why Jonathan must go for Nigeria to breathe
fresh air. Fayose knows that the moment General wins this election he
has to run away from Nigeria.
He knows that he is sitting on a stolen mandate. He knows that he
needs nobody to advise him on what to do the moment it becomes obvious
that Buhari is the next president of Nigeria. A thief runs when nobody
is pursuing him.

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