Avoid wearing to church these 5 Grammy Dresses

February 11, 2015 1:46 pm

The words red carpet seem to no longer conjure up images of elegantly
adorned women wearing fabulous gowns by Christian Dior and Oscar de la
Now, the only images it conjures are of unfortunate and in some cases
tragic fashion disasters, of which some are using to actually gain
themselves a spot in the limelight. This years Grammy Awards Ceremony
showcased quite a few of these tragic cases.


Madonna’s always been known for her attention-getting fashion choices
and this one is no different. On the verge of irrelevance, with new
young stars taking over the stage, this outfit is a definite cry for
photo by Rex Features: www.vogue.co.uk
When you become old enough to be referred to as ma’am it might be
time to start dressing like you are one… at least for the red carpet.


No surprise here.
photo by Rex Features: www.vogue.co.uk


It’s always interesting to see what first-timers will wear on the red
carpet but Meghan Trainor’s Galia Lahav dress wasn’t exactly the debut I
was expecting.
Photo: Getty
This tulle number with unflattering lace appliqués needs to go back
to whichever prom dress shop it came from. Hopefully, next time she’ll
consider a more elegant option such as Elie Saab.


Honestly, it’s no wonder lust is at the top of the seven deadly sins.
This blatantly obvious desire for attention and fame actually worked
and has now put this once unknown model, Joy Villa, on the map. Ironic
that even the most awful of designs can help make a name for someone.


I’m all about wearing my Sunday best to church but these little
numbers might induce more prayers from churchgoers than praises in
fashion media. From Madonna’s little Givenchy number which looks like it
belongs in a burlesque show on a Las Vegas stage and not on a red
To Kim’s gold lamé dressing gown and everything in-between, this year
at the Grammy’s was sure to disappoint in the fashion department.

I much prefer the dress worn by Taylor Swift

Now that is classy!

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