Australian teenag awoke from a coma after attempted kidnapping and couldn’t remember she was pregnant

February 25, 2015 6:35 am

An Australian teenage attempted kidnapping victim who woke from a
coma to find out she was pregnant says injuries she suffered during the
incident meant she kept forgetting she was about to become a mum.
suffering serious head injuries from the attempted kidnapping, which
occurred when she was about a month into the pregnancy,
had to be constantly reminded she was pregnant.
In the early
hours of April 20 last year, the 17-year-old was dragged into a black
BMW SUV by two men who had approached her in Warrawong, south of
After driving off, the Year 10 student managed to escape from the moving car but injured herself.
She spent more than a month in intensive care and suffered memory loss.
After being woken from a coma, she had no idea she was carrying a child.

April-Lee Gillen awoke from a coma and couldn't remember she was pregnant. Photo / Network Nine
April-Lee Gillen awoke from a coma and couldn’t remember she was pregnant. Photo / Network Nine

“I said ‘Am I pregnant? Oh my goodness’. And then I would
forget because I had that thing still where I’d forget each day,” she
told Network Nine.
Initially police thought she had been the
victim of a hit-and-run but now they believe it was a kidnap attempt
with those responsible still on the run.
She has since had a baby boy.
staff and police are amazed at April-Lee’s remarkable recovery. She was
believed to have been about four weeks pregnant when the attempted
abduction occurred.
Her son, Jacobie, was born on Christmas Eve.
Despite her injuries, April-Lee never considered terminating her pregnancy.
said to mum ‘It’s a little baby’ and I said ‘I’m giving birth to him’
or ‘I’m bringing him into this world, so I’m not going to think about
getting rid of him at all’,” she said.
Her mother, Leonie, was worried for her daughter’s well-being.
“At first I’ve got to admit I was concerned,” Leonie told A Current Affair.
then later on, as April healed much more, she was clearer, well spoken
and quite determined in what she wanted. So I said to April ‘I’ll be
right by your side’. And it’s the best decision we’ve made.”
November police released CCTV footage, which shows the suspected 4WD
involved driving in the area around the time of the incident.
had left her Lake Heights home, where she lived with her mother, about
7pm to visit her boyfriend Miles, who lived close by.
She was found at 2am lying in the gutter by a passing motorist.

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