£100k demanded by woman to keep quiet over one-night stand with a married Premier League player

February 22, 2015 12:55 pm
guess who Woman demands £100k to keep quiet over one night stand with a married Premier League player

The Sun and the Daily Mail both run the same story on Sunday claiming that a married Premier League is now at the centre of a blackmail scheme.
The Premier League player fails to court much favour from readers, as
it’s revealed that he has cheated on his wife in a one night stand.

It’s not revealed whether the cheating footballer has children with his partner, or not.
Having cheated on his spouse, the footballer then stupidly decided to send x-rated videos and pictures to his one-time lover.

Then, once the lover discovered that the footballer was married, she
is alleged to have told his club that either they pay her £100,000 to
keep quiet or she will tell her story to whoever will listen.
As reported in the Mail on Sunday:
The married defender, said to be a household name, spent a
‘no holds barred’ night with a woman before sending her a number of
explicit photographs and videos of himself.

But it has emerged that the woman, who is in her 30s and
single, then showed the intimate images to the player’s club after
learning he was married – and demanded cash in return for her silence.

According to the tabloids, the footballer’s club have outright
refused to pay off the woman, leaving readers to wonder whether the name
of the love-cheat will indeed come out in the press.
Explaining why the jilted lover has yet to expose the love rat, it is disclosed:

The Sun on Sunday says that for legal reasons, it cannot reveal the identity of the player, the woman or the club involved.

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