Wicked ISIS Executioners Beheaded Man For Disobeying Their Islamist Rules

January 29, 2015 2:31 am

A condemned man struggles for his life, screaming for help that
bystanders dare not give. His face was  pinned  down in the middle of
the street by four rag-tag militants. As an executioner looks on, his
helpers finally manage to immobilise the victim – who has not even the
scant comfort of a blindfold – with three on the man’s body and a fourth
pulling his head to expose his neck.
In an instant the executioner swings a cruel, curved
blade. The struggling abruptly ends and the sandy street beneath the
condemned man is stained with a burst of crimson blood. This was the
gruesome scene that unfolded yesterday in Al-Shadadi, a town of 25,000
in north-east Syria, as Islamist militants enforced the hardline
religious law of their self-styled Caliphate.

Dozens of bystanders watched the victim – whose crime is not known – as
he screamed for help. But none dared intervene against the armed
religious fanatics who now control their town. The United Nations human
rights watchdog last week warned that Islamic State militants in Syria
and had been meting out ‘cruel and inhuman’ punishments to victims
accused of violating their interpretation of sharia law.

The group had posted photos of two men being crucified for alleged
banditry, women stoned to death after accusations of adultery, and men
thrown from a tall building after claims they were homosexuals, the
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said. ‘In just the first two weeks of this year, reports indicate that three female lawyers were executed.’

At this stage, only God can save the world from the cruelty of Islamic terrorists.

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