Toyin Lawani said “I was so scared to let the world know I was pregnant for a younger man”

January 25, 2015 5:15 pm

She shared this on instagram this afternoon

remember when I got pregnant I was so scared to let the world know, No 1
had a clue until they saw me on the runway at Africa fashion week
London,was almost 8months then,I used to worry Alot abt what people
would say if i had a baby for someone younger, My Boo would Beg me
endlessly and say my love care not I’m by your side, His parents where
Amazing and supportive,i was so shocked cause I didn’t expect that kind
of love and support, I almost didn’t want to go through with it,
severally I would change my mind,I will sit in d hospital thinking
endlessly should I or should I not.

my doc will say Toyin its just
9months ,A positive voice constantly kept telling me My love when you
meet this bundle of joy in your stomach you will not care ….And Alot
of negative voices kept begging me to take it out that it was a bad
idea,Well Imagine if I had listened to the world or if I was too scared
to carry on cause of what people will say?…I would have missed out on
this Beautiful Blessing….My son is the most handsome Boy ever I’ve
ever seen and so is my Beautiful daughter…

Happy Sunday yall Don’t let
voices of others make you kill your Blessings,Believe in Yourself and
ask God for help cause he’s the only man that can get you there….Too
many kill Joy in this so called Nigeria but im sorry to burst your
bubble,i dont Give a Shit about wht society think ,i came to this world
Alone and im Going Alone,Live your life to the fullest cause oneday you
will look back and realize u missed out on all the things u could have
done for urself ,just because you cared too much about wht society would
say or Think abt u….Anytime I feel down I look at my kids @lilatmfashionista and @lordmaine1 and all I do is Smile..went thru Alot but through it all only one person stood by me @lordtrigg
Thanks for this Blessing…Even my so called Bestfriend told me ah
toyin if u leave ur ex u will suffer oo and i told her hey dear dont
forget i have my talent and handwork ,i will just suffer for a while,I
thank God that I don’t look like what I’ve been tru..I Thank God for his
continous Blessings on my life and family #ATMFASHIONISTA #HAPPYSUNDAYALL

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