The Reason Why Prince Andrew ‘can’t get down into the dirt’

January 24, 2015 1:27 pm

Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz, a 76-year-old former Harvard law
professor who once helped defend OJ Simpson, would seem at first glance
to have little in common. But the two men share at least one thing: an

Prince Andrew at a reception at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where
he spoke publicly for the first time about the allegation made against
him. Photo / AP

Virginia Roberts, the American woman who claims that as
a teenager she had sex with the Duke of York, alleges in the same
lawsuit that she was made to have sex with Mr Dershowitz.
the royal has said little about the allegations in public, Mr
Dershowitz, a prominent academic and a fiery American public
intellectual, is taking a far more aggressive approach.
While the
Duke has categorically denied the allegations in written statements
through Buckingham Palace, he only spoke publicly for the first time in
Switzerland yesterday.
Appearing at the Davos World Economic
Forum, he made brief statement to “reiterate and reaffirm” his earlier
denials but did not go into any specifics about the allegations against

Mr Dershowitz has taken a different path by appearing
regularly on US television to denounce Ms Roberts as “a categorical
liar” and to reject her accusations in detail. He is also involved in a
legal battle with Ms Roberts’s lawyers, who have sued him for defamation
after he attacked them in the media.
In an interview with The
Telegraph, Mr Dershowitz said it was more difficult for the Duke to take
the kind of action he is pursuing in the media and through the courts.
“He’s a royal and it’s much harder for a royal to get down into the dirt
the way I’m able to do,” he said.
Mr Dershowitz also said he was
in a “somewhat different situation” to the Duke because he claims to
have never met Ms Roberts, while a photograph shows Prince Andrew with
his arm around her, proving that they had at least met.
Prince Andrew with his accuser, Virginia Roberts. Photo / Supplied
know I didn’t do it. He should only come out and make statements if he
can do it with the same kind of certainty that I can do it,” Mr
Dershowitz said.
“Remember: there’s no photograph of me with her,
there’s no diary of me that she wrote about. he’s in a somewhat
different situation. He apparently did meet her, I never did.”
a lengthy affidavit filed in a Florida court, Ms Roberts said she had
sex with Mr Dershowitz “at least six times” beginning when she was an
underage 16-year-old. In the same file she claims to have had sex with
the Duke three times, including as part of an 11-person “orgy” on a
Caribbean island.
Mr Dershowitz said he had not been in contact
with the prince or his lawyers about the allegations and that he had not
spoken to the Duke in a decade.
The two men were first
introduced through Jeffrey Epstein, a millionaire financier who in 2008
pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from underage girls. Mr Dershowitz
helped negotiate Epstein’s plea bargain, which saw the sex offender
serve just over a year of an 18-month sentence.
Ms Roberts, who
claims Epstein kept her as “a sex slave”, is trying along with several
other women to sue the US government on the grounds that the plea
bargain was too lenient.
Mr Dershowitz said he had met the Duke
several times, both on his own and with Epstein, but had never seen the
prince with Ms Roberts or in any compromising position with women or
While he could not say the Duke was definitely innocent of
the allegations, he said “no one should believe anything that Virginia
Roberts says, she’s proven her lack of credibility over and over again.”
Dershowitz said he and the Duke had debated Middle East politics at a
dinner at the British consulate in Boston. “I liked him. He’s an
intelligent, inquisitive guy,” the professor said.
Ms Roberts is
protected from a defamation lawsuit because she made her allegations in
official court filings, but Mr Dershowitz said he intended to sue her if
she repeats the claim in the media.
He added that he was trying
to locate Ms Roberts to serve her with court papers as part of the
defamation suit her lawyers have launched against him.
“We’ll find her. We’re going to find her, we know where she is, she can’t hide from us.”

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