Reckless Nigerian Woman kills Boyfriend She Met on Badoo after S*X

January 27, 2015 3:58 pm
nigerian woman 

life of a young man, Charles Bankole Orisanya from Akoko in Ondo State,
who was working with Halliburton in Rivers State ended sadly and
brutally on September 19, 2014 when his 26-year-old girlfriend, Loretta
Odikagbo, snuffed life out of him. She was however apprehended almost
three months after, precisely December 9, 2014 after a painstaking
investigation by the Homicide Section of the Rivers State Police
Senior police officers who investigated the case said that the method
of killing was an uncommon one in , as Miss Odikagbo, popularly
called Loretta, and two accomplices allegedly tapered late Orisanya’s
mouth, hands and legs before covering his head with a polythene bag.
Loretta was said to have sat on the deceased’s head while one of the
accomplices, Ime Francis Moses Jnr., held his neck until he became

According to information gathered by Crime Reports, Loretta Odikagbo, a
student of Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, met Orisanya on Badoo network
and they started dating online. They connected physically and the
relationship blossomed over the next months. Along the line, Loretta
fell out of love with her lover. And the reason she gave was that her
lover boy was not fulfilling his promises. The deceased, who was in his
early 30s, was a civil engineer and a staff of Halliburton Company at
Trans-Amadi area of Port Harcourt, it was learnt.
On September 19, 2014, the lover invited the lady to his house but
she did not come alone. Crime Reports learnt that she hired two men to
go with her and hid them under the staircase of the lover’s residence.
In order not to arouse any suspicion, Loretta released herself
totally to her lover and engaged in a passionate love making session
with him. After the man cl!maxed, he rolled off and got ready for sleep.
The lady was said to have quietly opened the door to let the two
accomplices in. Pointing a gun-like object at Bankole, Loretta and the
boys used a rope and masking tape to tie his hands and legs.

Satisfied that she had dealt with her lover, Loretta left for an
Automated Teller Machine to collect all the cash in Bankole’s account.
Of course, she had earlier collected the secret pin from him under
duress. Not done, the lady was said to have returned and had gone to her
lover’s kitchen to pick a polythene bag to cover his head after taping
his mouth, and sat on his head. One of the accomplices, Moses, held the
man’s neck until he gave up the ghost. The two men also took their
victim’s shirts, shoes and other personal items while Loretta went for
his LG phone and laptop.
When the case was reported at a police station, it was learnt that
there was no single clue that could be used to trail the killers. But
when the case was transferred to Department of Criminal Investigation,
Rivers State Police Command, the crack detectives investigating the case
were able to resolve the mystery as they worked on an item picked from
the scene crime. This eventually led to Loretta’s arrest and,
subsequently, Moses’, while the third suspect is still at large.
In an interview with Loretta, she claimed that she decided to deal
with late Orisanya because he was not fulfilling all his promises to
her. Her narration went thus: “I am from Rumuomasi, Obio/Akpor Local
Government area of Rivers State. I was born on May 2, 1988. I hold a
Diploma in Mass Communication and was to resume for my HND in January
2015 but I was arrested in December 2014.
“I asked a friend, Moses to help harass a man who was my boyfriend
but is now deceased. I met Bankole (Orisanya) through a social network
called Badoo in January 2014 and we got intimate online since he was at
the rig offshore when we met. He was there for two months and we became
internet lovers. We were chatting and exchanging pictures. When he came
back, he invited me over and we started dating.
“The basis of it all was money. When I met him, it was all promises
upon promises. Along the line, the s*x was going on and the money was
not coming. He would give me N10,000, N15,000 but that was not what I
expected from him. Also when we first met, to me, he was a single man
but along the line, I discovered he was married.
“We talked about it but he didn’t want the affair to end. He said
that it would not be a problem and he could handle it. But I only
continued with him because I was waiting for the promises to be
fulfilled. I was not interested in marriage to him.  We had a bit of
misunderstanding concerning money and our relationship. I asked my
friend who is also my in-law to help me so that I could get the money
forcefully from Bankole.
“Along the line, I could not control my anger so I asked my in-law to
come help harass him to get what I could get from him and move on with
my life.
“On a particular night, he called me and I went to his place with my
in-law and one other guy. I felt it was an opportunity to deal with him.
We went to his residence and I managed to sneak the two men into the
compound. I hid them under the stairs. I went in to Bankole and we made
love. After we were done, I left him in the bedroom and went to the
kitchen as if I wanted to drink water, and let the guys in. I made it
look like both of us were being robbed. We met Bankole in the sitting
room; probably trying to know what kept me away for long.
“There was no light. I didn’t see any gun. My in-law was holding a
tape while the other guy held a torch and something that looked like a
gun. Bankole and I went on our knees and the guys were threatening us,
asking for money. My lover told them that he had money in his account so
he gave them his ATM card pin number.
“My-in law tied his hands with the tape and second guy acted like I
had to be the one to follow him to the ATM. It was raining heavily that
night. It was almost midnight. We left for the ATM and I withdrew a
little over N120,000 and paid the guy off. I gave him about N30,000 or
thereabouts. My in-law came to meet me at the ATM and I also gave him
almost N50,000.
“I took Bankole’s LG phone while his laptop was brought to me the
following day by my in-law. I can’t remember what the other guy took
from Bankole’s house. I didn’t know anything about the polythene that
was used to cover his head.”
Loretta said she did not bother to go back to Orisanya’s house so did
not know that he died. “I didn’t have the intention of dating him
anymore; I just wanted to move on. I only knew about Bankole’s death
when I was arrested.”
Moses (30), who said he hails from Akwa Ibom State, however gave a
contrary narration to Loretta’s. According to him, “Loretta called me
and said that she and her boyfriend were having some issues. She said he
was owing her some money and had refused to ‘settle’ her. She said she
would call me to go and harass him promising to notify me whenever he
called her. Before then she gave me some money to buy a torchlight,
which I did.
“On a day, she called me and came to meet me. We went to Rumuomasi to
pick another guy called Winkoro. He refused being part of the plan and
we left him. As we walked, we saw a boy whom I knew but don’t know his
name. I introduced him to her and she explained her intention to him and
he joined us.
“She took us to the man’s house and kept us under the staircase.
Earlier, she gave the other guy a rope and masking tape and I was with a
torch light and an iron object that looked like a gun. After a while,
she called us in and we got into the kitchen. Minutes later, according
to her instruction, we got into the room where she was with her
“I pointed the torch at the man and said: “Na you dey owe our sister
and you no wan pay”. The lover boy pleaded that he was going to pay;
that we should calm down. The guy with us tied the man’s legs with a
rope and tapered his hands. Loretta stood up and slapped the man
repeatedly. After that she asked the man of money but he said he had no
money at home. He pointed at his ATM cards and gave Loretta the pin
“She and the other guy left for the ATM and I stayed with our victim.
I later called her to confirm if the pin was right and she said yes. I
asked if I should start coming but she asked me to wait at the man’s
house. Before she left, she and the other guy packed some items like
laptop, phone. When she came back, she went to the man’s room.
“She came out, went to the kitchen, brought a polythene bag and said
that if I did not assist her in killing the man, if the bubble burst, I
would be the first person she would mention. She covered the man’s head
with the polythene bag and sat on his head while I assisted her in
holding the man’s neck until he became motionless.
“Loretta gave me N28,000. I was arrested on December 10, 2014. She
was the one who led the police to me. I took three shirts and a sandal
from the man’s house. Taking the man’s life was not in the initial
On the relationship between them, Moses said that he and Loretta used to
drink alcohol together while she was also a chain smoker. Loretta
confirmed this and added that she used to smoke marijuana.
Moses also revealed that a case akin to the current one occurred
three years ago. “Loretta had a man she was going out with. They had
some problems and because Loretta had the man’s spare key, she gave it
to me and asked me to go and pack the man’s things and her own too, so
that it would look like robbery. The man got her arrested and I was also
picked. We returned the things to the man,” Moses disclosed. Again,
Loretta confirmed this and said that the man was a staff of Shell.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer in Rivers State, DSP
Ahmad Muhammad, confirmed the story, saying that the case was still
under investigation at the Department of Criminal Investigation.

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