President Jonathan-No government can finish it’s programmes in four years

January 27, 2015 11:19 pm

President Jonathan has revealed it takes more than four years to
accomplish and finish the programmes set aside for ..The
president made this declaration Monday during his presidential campaign rally in Ilorin,Kwara state capital ..President Jonathan said while speaking to the Emir of Ilorin

“Today, we are here in this state for a political rally. Your Royal
Highness, we are here for a purpose. We have been here a number of
times. 2011, I was here. After that, I have been here.
“Today, we are here for the same mission
that brought us in 2011. Even though you must have heard before, I’m
here to personally tell you that I am running for my remaining time in
office with my vice president who would continue to be my running mate,”

“Beyond tackling insurgency, we are creating road networks; we are
moving faster in several sectors. There is no way within four years any
government can finish the programmes of this country,” 

He also said military equipment were being purchased by the FG and
assured that in another two weeks the military would be able to move
faster in curtailing the Boko Haram insurgents

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