Nigerians In USA Endorse Buhari For President

January 23, 2015 8:12 am

Transparent Democracy and Good Government for (TransDGGN), a
not-for-profit organization based in the United States of America, has
endorsed , the presidential candidate of All
Progressives Congress (), for the presidency in the February

A statement by Dr. Emmanuel Abiodun Dada, the Founder and President of
TransDGGN, USA, said the unanimous decision to endorse the candidacy of
Buhari was taken at the group’s extraordinary meeting held last Sunday.

It explained that the group took the position for three main reasons:

President Goodluck Jonathan has failed woefully to lead Nigeria with
dignity, integrity and honor which is required of the office of the
president, and under his watch, Nigeria has become a failed state.

In 2014, according to global terrorism index, Nigeria ranked 4th worse
than Syria and only better than Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. General
Buhari has the experience to tackle terrorism (Boko Haram and others).

Index Mundi, has projected that unemployment will increase by 2%
annually in Nigeria. Statistics have shown that in 2011, the
unemployment rate in Nigeria was 23.9% compared to 4.9% in 2009.

“We firmly believe that election of the duo of General Buhari and
Professor Yemi Osinbajo is not only critical for the restoration of
dignity and honor of Nigeria but also to create equal opportunities for
all, address the problem of youth unemployment and, restore peace and
tranquility to Nigeria,” TransDGGN said.

It also expressed the confidence that General Buhari will address the
problem of corruption which has become a hydra headed monster permeating
all the facet of our society, as he is a tested man with a track record
of discipline and excellence.

“Overall, we endorse and support the aspiration of General Muhammadu
Buhari as the next President not because he’s a saint or he hasn’t made
mistakes in the past but the level of corruption, impunity and
mediocrity in Nigeria today which is unprecedented has made him the
preferred candidate among all the aspirants,” the group said.

TransDGGN asserted that General Buhari has the integrity, experience and
competence to effectively discharge the duties of president as
prescribed in the Constitution and restore Nigeria back to her pride of
place as the true giant of Africa, both in words and deeds.

“We believe supporting the election of General Buhari as the next
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a noble cause and hereby
call on all Nigerian men and women of voting age to join the cause for
positive change in Nigeria by going out to vote on February 14th to
elect General Muhammadu Buhari and Professor Yemi Osinbajo to the office
of the president and vice president respectively of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria. The time to salvage Nigeria from rot is now and we
shall continue to work with other groups that share our aspirations for a
better Nigeria, for ultimate victory of Gen. Buhari at the poll.

TransDGGN, USA was founded in 2010 with membership of patriotic Nigerians cutting across different sectors of the US economy.

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