January 23, 2015 8:27 am

A book written by Chinua Achebe tittle: THERE WAS A COUNTRY – if there was a country, what about now?

the pain of Boko Haram insurgency; bomb blasts here and there,
kidnappings, killing hundreds of Nigeria citizens almost every week,
destruction of infrastructure, is political stability a permanent

With political parties attacking themselves,
militant groups rearing their ugly head, and anarchists out to destroy,
men using self-help and taking laws into their hands and getting away
with crimes, what hope do we have for 2015?

these bring to fore the question of political morality in Nigeria. Is
it possible for Nigerians to take a particular political stand with
regards to peace and stability? The wanton destruction of life and
properties by the extreme fringe maniacal terrorist groups masquerading
themselves as representing parochial social ethnic groups have made the
hope of witnessing a new tomorrow a mirage. What will be Nigerians’
faith in 2015? Are we actually going to survive in 2015, because most
Nigerians are leaving the country for others now.

these calamitous manifestations of political convulsions, we have to
generate the necessary faith and goodwill that nothing is impossible!
Because in 2015, I see peace coming, I see quietness, I see calmness as
demonstrated in Ekiti State Gubernatorial Election, I see one love, I
see Nigerian up-holding ‘The National Pledge’ in loyalty.

(I pledge to Nigeria, my country

To be faithful, loyal, and honest

To serve Nigeria with all my strength

To defend her unity

And uphold her honor and glory

So help me God.)

will be the commencement of togetherness for all, whereby inter-ethnics
interactions and national consciousness will become the order of the
day. It will be like the Biblical manifestation of the day of Pentecost –
the Hausa understand Igbo dialect, Igbo understand the Yoruba dialect.
When the Igbo speak in his own dialect, the Hausa man will comprehend it
in his own dialect –that is the kind of peace that will reign in this
2015. The kind of peace that is selfless and altruistic for the sake of
the nation. 2015 will be the year of peaceful, transparent and fair
election. In 2015, all militants, all Boko Harams and all negative
associations will be confined, and the entire Nigerians will live in one
accord. I dream for it, I see it and that is how it is going to be in
this 2015.

Some might doubt the possibility, but listen, there is
nothing impossible before God, because some faithful Nigerians have set
themselves aside to pursue peace for 2015. Some devout Muslims are
praying, and the Christian are not left behind. It is a fight between
God and devil and you know who will win; the voice of division is the
voice of the devil, while the voice of God is the voice of Unity.

out for 2015, it is going to be a great year; it’s going to be a
wonderful year, because darkness has lingered for so long, and at the
darkest night comes dawn. It is true that joy comes in the morning –
2015 is going to be Nigerians’ morning. So anticipate it, believe it and
you will have it.

The message of One Love to the whole world was
sang by Famous Bob Marley, Onyeka Onwenu and 2face and I, Oche Michael
is preaching it – one love to Nigeria, one love to my father land! “For
those who make peaceful existence impossible will make violent
revolution inevitable”…Franz Fanon

Let 2015 not be our Apocalypse!!!

by Michael Oche
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