Mother Caught Her Religious Daughter In Pleasure With A Man Right In Her Bedroom

January 24, 2015 3:01 pm

Will the ground open and swallow this devoted mother who caught her
daughter with a man right in her bedroom? She was shocked that her
daughter Antonette Nekati could let her down and go for the pleasures of
men, something that she has warned her daughter about over the years..
The man was smart enough to escape before the mother made her catch, she
had reportedly tried to lock him inside the be dro om which the two
lovebirds had allegedly turned into a love par adise, but he sensed
danger and forcibly pushed away his “mother-in-law”, who was standing at
the door leading to the be droom before making good his escape.

She has taken him to court after the incident and begged the court to ban him from seeing her daughter “I am the mother of Antonette Nekati and wish to apply for a peace order
against her boyfriend Thusani Nyathi. I do not want him to come to my
house whether in my presence or absence.
“This is because I once found him in my house with my daughter. Before
that incident I once found his clothes in my daughter’s be droo m. I
went to his parents’ house and discussed the issue.
“On 19 November when I unexpectedly arrived home I heard voices coming
from my daughter’s be droom. This understandably aroused my suspicions
and I went straight to the be droom. Upon entering I found my daughter
lying on my bed facing upwards while the respondent was between her

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