Mario Ballotelli’s ex fiancee opened up why she dumped him

January 27, 2015 12:56 pm

Mario Ballotelli’s ex fiancee,Belgian model, Fanny Neguesha has opened
up on why she dumped the Liverpool and Italy striker…Speaking on
Italian TV, the model who got engaged to the football star in March 2014
and officially broke up with him in September 2014…, said:

 ‘He didn’t want to see me in photo-shoots or singing and dancing, I
tried to explain to him that I had a career as well. But he just
wouldn’t listen. Looking back maybe I was a bit too hasty.’ I should
have taken a bit more time and thought about it before I accepted his
proposal. He was a hard head and couldn’t accept I wanted my own career
path as well. ‘In the end I returned the engagement ring to him. He was
upset but we have both moved on now.’

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