Man foolishly spends $265k on 30 surgical procedures to be a human ken doll

January 29, 2015 10:04 am

 , a 31-year-old flight attendant who lives in , is
making a name for himself after reportedly spending more than $265,000
on 30 body and face changing procedures so that he has achieve the
“perfect” form.

Alves has reportedly already gone under the knife for procedures like
liposuction, multiple nose jobs, six-pack implants, calf implants and
Botox fillers. But for his latest medical operation, Alves flew to
Colombia for a super-risky $75,900 six-in-one super surgery.

The scary surgery included his fourth nose job, an eye operation, an
ear-pinning procedure, some more liposuction and a gruesome operation on
his mouth to give him a wider smile.He told Dailymail

“It’s a long process,”. “It is long-term maintenance. Once you start, it
is difficult to stop. Naturally I’m a perfectionist. It’s like a
snowball effect and I’m not going to stop.””It doesn’t define the man
that I am—I’m much more than silicone and cosmetic surgery—but once you
get started it’s difficult to stop.”‘I’m quite hard on myself and I’m
scared of getting old – that’s the truth.’

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