Jumia.com, Konga.com, Shugakane.com, Linda Ikeji, Nairaland.com are making millions in Nigeria.

January 9, 2015 3:18 pm

Jumia.com, Konga.com, Shugakane.com,
, .
If you want to know the secret to their success, then read on…

To understand the secret to their success, you have to understand what elements they have in common.
1) They have smart business-savvy founders 
All of these businesses have smart and business-savvy leaders at their helm. 

The founders of Jumia graduated from top EU institutions, Sim Shagaya
the founder of Konga  is a Harvard Alumnus, Bili Sule the founder of Shugakane.com
has a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and Linda
Ikeji & Seun Osewa of Nairaland are both resilient and
business-savvy entrepreneurs that grew their small websites into
multi-million Naira businesses.
2) They have something of value to offer Nigerians

Whether is it products, services, or information, they have something
of value to offer Nigerians.  And they are highly skilled at
distributing their value proposition to the masses in the most
cost-effective way

All these businesses have websites. And this is not by chance. We are
in a country with a population of 170 Million people and internet
penetration increases every year, so having a website is essential to leverage the power of the masses and take your business to customers all over the country and beyond. E.g Jumia.com and Shugakane.com
both have online shops outside .That’s how Jumia grew x10 in
their 1st year of operation!!! INCREDIBLE! And certainly impossible
without being online.
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