Janitor secret affair with Respected Nigerian Nurse suicidal after becomes public

January 27, 2015 1:31 pm

When the video was shown to the husband, his initial reaction was to
dismiss the whole scene as a concocted fairy-tale- a sick joke that his
haters had pulled, to embarrass and diminish him. How could his wife who
had given him four beautiful kids and was there for him as ‘the rock of
Gibraltar’ be caught in such a lurid act? His wife was a respected
member of the Nigerian community in Maryland, United States and was the
hardworking and successful manager of nurses in a reputable Washington
DC hospital.
But what he didn’t understand was that the video he was being shown had
already gone viral and practically every member of the Nigerian
community spread all over the continental United States had viewed it
several times and were all shocked and filled with righteous indignation
over such an embarrassing conduct by an otherwise happily married
The video, recorded by a sick and depraved lover of the
Nigerian-American nurse, had shown the woman, her face clearly in view
and well defined, in various stages of intimacy and to imagine a husband
looking at the video of his wife in intimate moments with another man
and having the same video seen by millions of people was too much for
him to handle. He was seized by a paroxysm of anger and dread and went
into shock.
The wife, too, having known that the jig was up, was said to have also
become suicidal and had to be kept for observation in hospital with the
possibility of losing all that she had worked for in the United States-
her marriage, her career and her children’s love and adoration, simply
because she had allowed fleeting sexual emotions to dominate her thought

According to sources, the lady, whose names are withheld here, was
seemingly happily married and the union had been blessed with four
children. The husband, also names withheld, was said to be very proud
and supportive of his wife’s spirit of industry and enterprise and both
had led a seemingly happy marital life. However, unknown to the man, the
wife was engaged in a torrid affair with an African- American male
janitor at the hospital (the janitorial angle is what really offended a
lot of the Nigerian community who had seen the video) where she works. 

The affair was said to have gone on for years and both had done a great
job concealing their romantic involvement. However, the African –
American lover was said to have felt betrayed by a promise made, which
was not fulfilled by the married mother of four and he decided to
blackmail her, with an invitation to their regular rendezvous.

Unknown to the lady, the act for the day was fully recorded and, still
unable to fulfill her promise and not yielding to the blackmail, the
incensed lover decided to upload the video on YouTube and what a feeding
frenzy it generated by the Nigerian community in the U.S. The video was
shared within minutes on Whatsapps and a major league embarrassment was
created for the married mother of four. 

Word within the Nigerian community in Maryland is that the woman is
still undergoing observation at the hospital and her marriage is as good
as done.

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