“I first saw my wife on Instagram” Bauchi gov’s son, Umar Yuguda opens up

January 23, 2015 1:53 am

Handsome son of Bauchi state Governor, Isa Yuguda, Umar married
his beautiful bride Safiya in Dec. 2014. Umar, revealed that he first
saw her photos on social media (instagram) and fell in love even before
he met her in real life

“I was just scrolling through a social
media site, I wouldn’t mention which one so that other people wouldn’t
go and be searching for my wife too. So as I was searching through and I now saw the finest girl. To me
she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and I was like
you know what, this has to be my wife because obviously she is the most
beautiful girl in my eyes, that means I can’t look outside. So, funny
enough you know how God works and how fate works, one of my friends his
name is Ogbonna, he was going through the same social media site and he
just randomly saw a girl and he told me about the girl and he was like
Umar I have seen a girl for you, I think you guys will be
perfect….bla bla bla… and I said no problem I cant wait to see her
and then he called me one day and told me this is the girl I am talking
about. I was so shocked because it was the same girl that I’d seen online, that I was
like this is my wife. I now went on a mission to get my wife”he said.

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