Hollywood stars commend Nigerian film-maker Jeta Amata on ‘Black November’

January 24, 2015 9:32 am

November” is the first film that represents a successful blend of the
Nollywood and Hollywood Film Industries. If you haven’t seen this film
and you are an African living in North America, then you are definitely
missing out as this is a must-watch flick. This long-awaited
Hollywood/Nollywood flick ‘Black November’ by Jeta Amata is now showing
in LA and NY Theaters, iTunes, Amazon, and is currently being seen via
Video On-Demand (VOD) on all TV cables and Satellite all over the US.

The film surrounds the
events in the life of a Nigerian activist character Ebiere Penema played by
Mbong Amata
, which led to a face-off with Nigerian militants that held U.S.
citizens in a hostage crisis. Kudos to Jeta
Amata for being able to pull Hollywood’s A-List names such as Academy Award (Oscar) Nominee Mickey Rourke,
Academy Award (Oscar) Winner Kim
, Satellite Award Winner Sarah Wayne, and Music Super-superstar Akon and Wyclef in this masterpiece work ‘Black November’.

Amata who continues to
receive several commendations on this great movie had Award winning musician
and cast Wclef Jean post a tweet “Jeta Amata u are my favorite director right now.
Award-winning Actress Vivica A Fox
also tweeted “Love working with you Jeta!! U rock n make
it happen.
” Also Stacy
, former VP of Warner Bros and Universal congratulated Jeta Amata on
his Facebook wall for making “an impact
in a very difficult marketplace”.

It is
also not a surprise that this is the first time every major critic in the
United States including New York Times,
Hollywood Report, LA Weekly, Variety etc.,
are fully taking their time to
review and comment on a film made by a Nollywood Director. Keep in mind, that
they usually don’t review every film, only those that have potentials for

New York Dailies critic, Elizabeth Weitzman also commended Jeta
Amata, “his primary storyline is evident, and
well-represented by his star’s soulful performance as an ordinary girl pushed
to extraordinary bravery.
A notable
critic, Guy Lodge also wrote in the Variety,
even modest exposure for this Nigerian-American
co-production may encourage more native filmmakers to try.
It is
refreshing to see Africans telling our own stories in an overly-dramatic and unapologetic
way, while still using international Hollywood standards.

Simone McIntyre also tweeted,
Congratulations Jeta so wonderful to shed light on this
subject with the world.

Also worthy of mention is
that never has an African female activist/ hero been created and given this
platform in the Nollywood Film Industry. No African director has taken such a
risk and the chances taken by Jeta certainly paid off with Mbong Amata who rose
to the occasion, delivered her best in the movie and refused to allow the big
names to silence her opportune moment.
All the
major platforms in America are shedding light on this film, and Indiewire also contacted Jeta Amata’s
PR to request a story about the making of the film because they were highly
inspired with the production. Click here to view the write-up.

Having E-One also pick up this
movie is another big achievement for Nollywood. E-One is the same distribution
company in charge of Hunger Game & Twilight Saga, just to name a few.

This film
serves as an inspiration to Nollywood directors to invest adequately into
making Hollywood standard films while maintaining the authentic African
story-telling roots. The audience continues to desire the blend of beloved
stars from both Hollywood and Nollywood in future film productions and hopefully,
Black November is the beginning of many more of its kind. 
November is available to all on everyone’s On-Demand feature in America, so if
you haven’t seen this movie, we recommend you watching it!

Watch the Official Trailer of Black November: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GrqF0DSbX0
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