Heartbreaking story of how my mum had sex with my fiance for 4 years-26-yr old

January 27, 2015 11:32 am

 Finding out your partner has been cheating is painful enough, but when
the other woman is your mother, the deceit is almost too much to
comprehend.But that’s exactly what Kylie, 26, from Sheffield claims
happened to her.

The mum-of-two shared her story for Channel 5 documentary Wedding
Disaster Specials, where she told how she found out her mum and partner
were having an affair after catching them watching porn together.

Kylie met partner Gary on social media before they finally met face-to-face at her 21st birthday party.She told The Daily Star.

“He made me smile, he made me laugh, I felt like I was walking on a
cloud constantly,” .From there we ended up in a relationship.”

The couple moved in together five months later. Their relationship moved
fast and on Kylie’s 24th birthday Gary surprised her by popping the

“I had never been so happy to share that moment with people I held
close. It was a very good night. And then, two or three weeks later, we
found out we were pregnant.”

Kylie claims her partner’s behaviour began to change and he became
argumentative so she turned to her pillar of support – her mum Shirley.
And as Kylie gave birth her mother began staying over on a regular basis to help out.

Her mum

“I used to look forward to her coming around because she was my only
female friend and I could talk to her about anything from shopping to
twinges in my pregnancy and relationship problems.”

A few weeks later Kylie said she became suspicious after discovering her mum and fiance watching porn together.

“I’d gone to bed early, my daughter woke up about 12 for a bottle so I
gave her one and I heard a DVD on the TV, which I thought sounded like
it was a porn DVD.
“When I came through the door, I saw it was a porn DVD and that my partner and my mum were sat on the settee watching it.

When I confronted them, they said it was something that had just started
and they had put the wrong DVD in.They said that I was insecure and
paranoid because I’ve just had a baby and that I was imagining
things.The next morning it was as though nothing had happened.”

 Kylie put the worries to the back of her mind, and soon after discovered she was pregnant again.

After their second child was born Kylie and Gary started to argue more
and Kylie kicked him out, but her mum persuaded her it was worth another

‘My mum was such a strong believer in him that I thought if she can
believe in him, surely I should.I took him back and he moved back in.
Things were fantastic.”

Things didn’t last and one day Kylie noticed her mother’s phone lying around and decided to take a look.She said:

 “There was one message from him to her saying, ‘I’ll do you tonight,’
and there were no other text messages.At that point I decided I wouldn’t
go to the gym, I’d come back instead and catch them out.When I got
home, it took me at least 15 minutes to get back into the house because
his keys were in the door.When I eventually managed to get into the
house, my mum was in the shower and he was in his boxer shorts.”

Kylie said after initially denying anything had happened, her mum
finally confessed three months ago.The next day a letter dropped through
her door from her solicitor which contained a confession that her
partner had been sleeping with her mother for four years.

 “I couldn’t believe that my mum did the ultimate betrayal. ‘My mum was
my best friend, hopefully she might get back there. But once you break
that trust, it’s hard to get it back.”

 When Channel 5 contacted Kylie’s mother she said she had an on-off
relationship with her daughter’s ex for two-and-a-half years but denied
watching porn

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