Heartbreaking Moment When A Dad Was Told He Could Only Save One Of His Dying Twin Daughters

January 28, 2015 7:38 am

A downcast father has to make a difficult choice – choosing which of his
twin daughters to save as they both face certain death from a life
threatening ailment.

Michael Wagner’s 3-year-old twin girls, Binh and Phuoc, are both
suffering from a rare Alagille syndrome, a disease which affects the
function of their livers,meaning they both require a liver transplant.

The Metro UK reports that there is only one match for the two girls who
were adopted from Vietnam by Michael and his wife, Johanne, when they
were 18-months-old, the donor being Michael himself.
Because of this handicap, he will be only to donate to only one of the twin asthere has not been any other donor.

Doctors at the Toronto General Hospital,USA, say they are running out of
time asthe operation, a procedure which involves part of the liver
being removed from the patient, has to commence in the next two weeks
and the parents have to make the near where the family live, will make
the arduous decision based on which girl is the best candidate through a
search for another donor is continuing.

The parents of the girls have created a blog and a Facebook page in order to help with the search for a live liver donor.

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