General Muhammadu Buhari says ‘my critics will remain in court’

January 28, 2015 12:36 pm

candidate of the APC, Gen Buhari says those who are aggrieved about his
certificate and the issues surrounding it should go to court and remain
there. He said this while speaking with some journalists after members
of the Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM came to show their solidarity in
the forthcoming election. He said that INEC said it has received his
document and that anyone who has a contrary view to this is free to head
to the court. 

“Well, I am
not surprised, this is . If people are serious about this issue,
they ought to have listened to the legal adviser of INEC. This is the
first time INEC by law have got those documents and they say they have
got them, so anybody who has any different view should go to court, I
think they have gone to court, so let them remain there,” he said.

Recall that
an Abuja based lawyer, Mr. Chukwunweike Okafor, on Monday January 26th
filed a case against Gen Buhari before the Federal High court in Abuja
asking the court to disqualify him over the controversies surrounding
his academic certificate.

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