Gen. Buhari would lead the Nigerian military to fight Boko Haram – Osinbajo

January 27, 2015 10:28 am

Vice Presidential candidate of the APC, Prof Yemi Osinbajo says if elected into government, Buhari would lead the Nigerian military
in the fight against members of Boko Haram. Speaking at a town hall
meeting organized by the Act Now Professionals in Abuja yesterday
Jan 26th, Prof Osinbajo said the fight against Boko Haram can not be
won by leading from the rear…
“The first priority is security and to
question what has gone wrong in the military. Then, funding the military
adequately and ensuring that the Commander-In-Chief leads from the
front. But when he was Commander-In-Chief, Buhari led from the front as a
soldier. You cannot lead from the rear. You cannot fail to go to where
the insurgency is taking place and that is what Buhari has been saying.

“I think that the major problem with the
question of security is again that it was not prioritised by this
government. It was not taken seriously enough from the beginning. When
you have a situation, you do not politicise the insurgency like that.
You do not point to the opposition and say it is the opposition that is
sponsoring it until General Buhari almost lost his life when Boko Haram
attacked him. We must start by understanding that
there is a war going on in that part of the country and what the
government need to do is to get the nation behind it, not pointing
accusing fingers at wrong places. We need to look at the whole question
of funding and equipping the military. The military at the moment is not
equipped. I worked with Femi Falana on the mutiny of some solders and
what is the complaint of those soldiers who were charged with mutiny?
Their complaint is that they were not given equipment and they wanted
them to go to battle. So, how do you say that? How does anybody think
that you can fight the insurgents without ammunition?” he said

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