Etcetera asking people not to vote during Februari Election

January 24, 2015 12:28 pm

Some people have accused me of not liking politicians, so let me set the
record straight. I don’t! They have done more harm to our nation than
the military (their first cousins). At no period in our nationhood has
the opportunity for reversing the dehumanising nature of a politically
corrupt society like ours been greater.

Every Nigerian who seeks freedom should rethink all temptations to rush
to the polling station on February 14 in an attempt to further entrench
corruption with a transfusion of his or her energies. Let us instead
participate in a peaceful revolution to rescue this country from
disintegration and death. It is better for any society that has been
shredded by corruption to undergo a few headaches, fevers, and stomach
upsets in the interim.
It is better to rid of her sickness once and for all than
continue our habit of suppressing the symptoms which is exactly what
we’ll be doing voting for the same crop of corrupt politicians in the
forthcoming elections.

Over the week, I got tons of emails and phone calls in response to last
weekend’s article asking if I’ll be voting in the coming elections. No. I
won’t be voting. The truth is, I have more constructive things to do
than vote on February 14. For example, I am moving into a new apartment
and the floors need a good scrub. And there’s this couch I have to take
the legs off so I can easily pass it through the door into the living
room. To me, that’s time much better spent. Yes guys, I can come up with
so many reasons why I won’t vote, but at the core of everything is,
when my vote has a direct impact on how much money is stolen from this
country, I want nothing to do with it.

The ruling party in Nigeria and the opposition have nothing but
alphabetical differences. They have the same ideology and mentality. The
same people have been jumping from one ship to another. So what
“Change” are they preaching about? Show me a Nigerian politician who
hasn’t sworn allegiance to “The Broom” of APC and “The Umbrella” of PDP,
at different times in their political careers and I will show you a
woman that sells paraga that doesn’t bleach. Any Nigerian hoping for a
redistribution of wealth after February 14 is wasting his or her time.
If I had kids, they won’t see me identifying with this group of
sociopaths, and to vote in the next election would be setting a bad
example for them. Our votes only give these politicians the needed
encouragement to steal more. So on February 14, I’ll be voting for the
only one I can trust: nobody.

I am of the view that politics has destroyed this country. Let’s not
also forget that the same politics has killed thousands of Nigerians in
the north alone. So am I supposed to direct my energies into such a
destructive system? If I say ‘yes,’ which I would do if I voted, then do
my principles have any real meaning to them, or are they simply going
to be just amusing ideas to be talked about, debated, or dispersed? I
have been very vocal about Nigerian pastors encouraging corruption in
the country by associating with politicians and I have received all
kinds of insults from their followers. But just this week, Pastor
Adeboye called Nigerian politicians liars and never to be trusted

Only God knows what transpired behind the scene to warrant such sudden
outburst from the same man of God who has been blessing corrupt
politicians for many years. The truth is, my participating in this
circus called election doesn’t make it any better for me or even you. It
only makes me another clown in their charade. To simply drop scraps of
paper in a box or pull a lever doesn’t mean I have helped in stirring
the country back on track. It simply means I have acted like a consumer,
picking between prepackaged political items.

I haven’t seen a sincere Nigerian politician yet. All we do in every
election is picking from the same rotten bunch. If we are not actively
participating in deciding what should be, then why can’t we unite and
throw rocks through their spider web by sitting at home and refusing to
vote? Let us disrupt the existing pattern of corrupt politicking
entrenched in the system.

Don’t get me wrong. Like everyone else, I want the best for this
country. After all, we are all in the same boat and if one end goes
down, we all go down. So not voting in February doesn’t mean I won’t
vote in the future. When the government makes the system more
transparent and my vote counts, I am likely to vote.

Those of you who are crazy enough to vote the same set of people into
power because you have been paid to do so or you have been stupid enough
to listen to a rambling billionaire who tells you it is your civic duty
to vote for him or his candidates, you deserve to be screwed by the
system. Since democracy in Nigeria has been turned into a game like any
other, it will be foolish to go out and play, when I know I can’t win.

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