British playnoy who boasts of his jetset lifestyle mixing with supermodels, royalty and pop stars

With £25m
at his disposal, the loudest car in as his ride and a fleet of
leggy models on speed dial – Danny Lambo claims he is Britain’s
self-styled ‘flashiest playboy’.
boastful 37-year-old hotelier says he is part of a new generation of
self-made millionaires ditching traditional English humbleness in favour
of flaunting their wealth.
brash Croydon-born entrepreneur claims he left school with no
qualifications and says he was told by his headmaster that he would fail
in life.

But years
later he says he claims to be living a luxury lifestyle that sees him
jetting around the world meeting Middle Eastern royalty, buying cars
from rappers like 50 Cent and, of course, treating the ladies to the
finer things in life.

 ‘Being a playboy is the opportunity to live out your childhood and adult fantasies and dreams,’ said the showy ladies’ man.

‘You have the opportunity to do what you want, when you want. If you’ve got the balls, nothing can stop you.’

Danny, whose
actual surname is Karne, claims he is known as ‘Lambo’ because of his
passion for extra-loud and somewhat garish Lamborghinis.
include a purple Diablo model, which he boastfully claims has the
loudest exhaust in Britain, and has proved hell for his neighbours in
west London.
flashy businessman claims his cars are so loud that he uses a
noticeboard and a megaphone to call out to the women that catch his eye
while he’s behind the wheel.
But even after getting their phone numbers, the ostentatious Romeo says he sometimes just giving them to his friends.

When he’s
not managing his three hotels and property empire, he claims likes to
romance several Russian models with swanky £10,000-plus drinks at his
six-storey Mayfair townhouse, which once belonged to Tory Prime Minister
Anthony Eden, or at his other property overlooking the Thames.
thinks nothing of spending an extravagant £5,000 on meals at trendy
west London restaurants like Chiltern Firehouse and Novikov before
whisking them home to browse his antiques – which include a four-poster
bed that he claims once belonged to Napoleon.
His other vices include judging beauty contests like Miss USSR UK and chatting up contestants at the Miss World finals.
lucky ladies who become a permanent fixture in his ‘harem’ can find
themselves whisked off to Barbados or the French Riviera at the drop of a
hat to stay at one of his villas.
Sometimes he claims they allowed to simply spin the globe and choose a destination if he’s feeling extra generous.
the only permanent lady in his life is his pet cat Molly. And he claims
she got bought a staggering £1,500 diamond collar for Christmas.
Despite his ostentatious ways, Danny claims he is a good person with a kind-heart who is just enjoying life.
And despite his extravagant and flashy ways he says, he knows the value of money after growing up in a normal household.
not going to hide my wealth, I don’t know why I should. I’ve worked
hard for this. I wasn’t born with a silver shoe, so why not flash it?
‘I became a millionaire when I was 22 and I’m the type of person that if I have money I’ll spend it.

‘I’m not going to take it to the grave with me.
I’m dead and dusted I’ll leave what I have left to charities, friends
and family, but while I’m still here I’m going to spend it.’
who owns a £100k Chopard watch, claims he is well-liked by the
established wealth in London, despite appearing to flaunt his wealth.
He claims grew up in a normal household with one brother and two sisters in Croydon, south London.
his parents were teachers who encouraged him to get a full and rounded
education – but Danny says he aspired to be something brighter and
weren’t working class. Both my parents were teachers so we had a
teacher salary, which wasn’t the best,’ said the father-of-one, whose
two-year-old son lives with his ex in Moscow, Russia.
had a reasonable house. It wasn’t anything grand but, you know, my
father couldn’t afford to give me a Lamborghini like I could for my
self-confessed daydreamer left school aged 16 without any
qualifications – thanks in part to a chance encounter with a Japanese
music producer.
and his friends were singing in a London bar when they were scouted and
invited to tour the Far East, with the intention of later marketing
them back to a Western audience.

“We were
offered a record deal and so I literally walked out of school before my
final exams and headmaster said: ‘Hey, Danny where are you going?’.

‘I said, ‘I’m going to Japan to become a pop star’. He replied ‘you’re going to fail in life’.
‘I told him to get lost and we walked out and went to Japan.’
the next four years, Danny toured girls’ schools and other venues in
Asia, Australia and New Zealand, living out of a suitcase and spending
most of his time rehearsing and performing or living in hotels.
When the band finished, Danny was forced to turn to the one thing he did know after several years on the road.
‘The hotel kind of became my world outside of the music,’ said Danny, who was the lead singer in the group called Jealous.
21 hours of the day we’d just be hanging out in the hotels. It was all I
knew. My best mate would be the concierge and I’d be dating the
when I got out of the music industry when I was 21, having sent every
penny I’d saved back home, the only thing I knew how to do was run a
Culled from UK Daily Mail

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