Boko Haram Militants Attacking and killing Recklessly in Maiduguri

January 25, 2015 5:09 pm
A day after President Goodluck Jonathan held a campaign rally in
Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, members of the Islamist sect,
, killed close to forty soldiers but suffered heavier
casualties as they made daring attacks to capture barracks in the
capital city as well as the town of Monguno.

Security sources in Abuja and Maiduguri told SaharaReporters that the
Islamist insurgents had launched two attacks, one last evening at
Monguno Barracks, which was repelled, and the other today in Maiduguri.

of the sources said the bodies of 38 dead soldiers had been deposited
at a military hospital at Maimalari Barracks in Maiduguri.

Nigerian troops were able to repel the attacks on both military
facilities, said our sources. The troops reportedly killed more than 100
Boko Haram insurgents who attacked Maiduguri. In addition, the Nigerian
troops captured two armored personnel carriers (APCs), artillery and a
cache of other weapons from the insurgents. The military has imposed a
24-hour curfew in Maiduguri.

“The 7th Division of the Nigerian
Army has imposed 24 hour door-to-door curfew on residents of Maiduguri
as [Islamist] militants suffered high casualties during a fierce battle
when they tried to overrun Maiduguri city today,” a senior military
source in Abuja said.

In a corroborating text message to
reporters, the spokesman of the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army,
Colonel Sanni Usman, wrote: “Please announce the imposition of curfew on
Maiduguri immediately till further notice.”

A top official of
the civilian Joint Task Force, in a telephone conversation with a
correspondent of SaharaReporters, confirmed that many of the militants
were killed in the battle and that a significant number of weapons were
recovered as the insurgents fled.

According to Abba Aji, “We recovered two APCs, many anti-aircraft guns and many AK 47 guns from the Boko Haram fighters.”

disclosed that the insurgents launched their attack on the military at
Jimtilo checkpoint. “They failed. We killed more than a hundred of them.
Allah has given us victory over them. We will not stop until we kill
them all,” he said.

A resident of Maiduguri said that some of
the residents of 1000 Housing Estate fled from their homes due to the
heavy explosions that woke them up in the morning. A resident of the
housing estate, Ali Ciroma, said, “We couldn’t sleep all through last
night. We heard many loud explosions but this early morning was
unbearable. It was so close to our estate, so everyone fled to Bulunkutu
area. Thanks to Allah, the situation is calm now.”

most of the major streets in Maiduguri were reportedly empty, except for
civilian JTF youths who have blocked some roads to search and capture
any fleeing insurgents.

A pastor in Maiduguri told our
correspondent that Christians were staying indoors for fear of possible
attacks. Our correspondent reported that the Jos-Kano Road was deserted,
with some security vehicles patrolling them and heading towards Jimtilo
Nigerian northeastern based Boko Haram insurgents began coordinated
massive attacks on Maiduguri and Monguno townships since 8PM Nigerian
time after massing around villages in the area for several days ,
according to several sources.
Security sources told SaharaReporters that the militant Islamist
group began the onslaught on Maiduguri coming from different directions
with its largest contingent coming through Damaturu road.
The insurgents have not had much success because troops have
been fighting back and successfully repelling the terrorists.
The daring attack by the militants is coming a few hours after
President Goodluck Jonathan ended a presidential campaign rally in
Maiduguri promising to find high school girls kidnapped by the deadly
sect last April and re-unite them with their families.

According to reports, members of Boko Haram sect have
captured Monguno village in Borno state after attacking the area very
early this morning. They also attempted to attack the state capital,
Maiduguri, but was repelled by the Nigerian military. There’s a 24-hour
curfew there right now.

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