Bernard Jordan, whose “Great Escape” was hailed around the world died peacefully in hospital

January 7, 2015 3:03 am

A who secretly slipped out of his care
home to join the D-Day commemorations in northern France last year has
died aged 90, the home said.
Bernard Jordan, whose “Great Escape”
was hailed around the world as the embodiment of his generation’s
war-time spirit, died peacefully in hospital.

 , , said
he never thought his escape would create such a stir. Photo / AP

“He will be much
missed by everyone here and our thoughts and prayers go out to his
wife,” said Amanda Scott, managing director of Gracewell Healthcare,
which runs The Pines care home in Hove, on the southern English coast.
former Royal Navy officer left the home in June last year wearing his
medals under his raincoat and joined a coach party heading for events
marking the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings.
He was
missing for around 12 hours before a younger veteran contacted the home
to say he was fine and was in France with former comrades.
“I had a great time, I’m really pleased I did it,” Jordan told reporters on his return home.
was initially reported that Gracewell Healthcare had stopped him from
going to France, but the firm insisted they tried to get him on a tour
but he made the request too late.
– AP

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