53yrs after she died, Marilyn Monroe named new face of Max factor

It doesn’t matter that she has been dead
for 53 years, movie/sex icon and Hollywood’s most sought after blond
, has been named the new face of giant make-up brand – Max

announced today that Ms
Monroe will be the brand’s ‘global glamour ambassador’ and will feature
in this year’s advertising campaigns.

“The adverts
will emphasise the role that make-up played in Monroe’s transformation,
from mousy Norma Jeane Mortenson to the red-lipped, platinum-haired
bombshell which cemented her reputation as one of the west’s most
enduring sex symbols.” MF said in a statement

Marilyn was a Max Factor client
in the 40s and 50’s before her death in 1962. The money made from the deal will go to her estate. The sex symbol is one of the highest paid dead celebs in the world.

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