World-famous New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular of Sydney to greet 2015

December 31, 2014 11:53 pm

A gigantic beating blue heart encased in a lightbulb throbbed on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge as the city welcomed in the new year.
blue and red symbol was unveiled as the centrepiece of the world-famous
New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular as the city erupted in
celebrations in its final goodbye to the year that was.
Revellers hugged, kissed, clapped and cheered as Sydney showed off what it does best.
of red, white and yellow set the Harbour Bridge and Opera House on fire
before dandelions of blue, green and pink exploded over the city.

more than 10 minutes the crowed stopped and marvelled as the harbour
was enveloped in a cornucopia of colour, with the bridge once again
stealing the limelight.
A bright golden waterfall cascaded
downwards as yellow, pink and white fireworks shot from its arc, as the
show reached its crescendo.

Leanne Clare from Lincolnshire in the UK said the extravaganza was well worth the wait.
“Absolutely amazing. Phenomenal, so much better than I expected. They were out of this world.”
Tasha Whitehead, from the UK said she was looking forward to the year to come.
“I want to get fit,” she said.
“I say it pretty much every year … Being surrounded by fit people here also really makes me want to try harder!”

came after the city was spoilt with two opening acts, including the
family friendly 9pm show where two bright blue seahorses lit up the
As the clocked ticked over in Melbourne, more than half a
million people watched as fireworks shot from the rooftops of 21 city
buildings, covering six square kilometres.
More than 7.5 tonnes were fired, including the new “ghost shell” crackers making their Australian debut.
“We came for the atmosphere and it’s beyond my expectations,” Val Doukas said.
Brisbane, the city’s skyline exploded in an extravaganza of light and
colour as an estimated 80,000 people packed into the river’s South Bank
parklands for the main event.
Throughout the night, unique aquatic pyrotechnics shot from the barges before dipping under the water and into the sky.

on the famous Surfers Paradise foreshore at the Gold Coast, more than
10 tonnes of fireworks were let off from a barge just off the coast.
nation’s capital started its eve celebrations at the city centre, where
Perth band Eskimo Joe joined local acts for a free concert from 7pm and
people gathered for Bass in the Place dance party in nearby Garema
Place at 9pm.

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