A policeman  wipes his eyes as he is comforted at a makeshift memorial near where two NYPD officers  were murdered. Photo / AP
A policeman wipes his eyes as he is comforted at a makeshift memorial near where two NYPD officers were murdered. Photo / AP

Two men opened fire on a police car patrolling a tough part of Los
Angeles, but the two officers inside were not injured and one was able
to shoot back, authorities said Monday. One of the suspects was later
arrested and the other is on the loose.
The shooting occurred
amid heightened tensions over attacks on police elsewhere in the US
after grand juries declined to indict white officers in the killings of
unarmed black men.
Police have not yet determined a motive for
the Sunday night shooting in South Los Angeles — an area plagued by
gang violence — but said there were no indications it was linked to
other attacks on police in the country.
“It was a complete
unprovoked attack,” LAPD Deputy Chief Bob Green said initially. “They
were just driving on the street, and somebody struck out and tried to
kill two policemen.”
However, Green later said police also were
looking into whether the officers might have driven into an ongoing
incident and were inadvertently fired at.

“Last night the initial assessment, based on the reaction of
officers and the adrenaline factor, was they were getting ambushed, but,
you know, things change and it takes a lot to investigate this,” Green
Officers arrested one man shortly after the attack.
Christopher Taylor, 18, was booked on suspicion of shooting at an
occupied vehicle.
An hours-long search followed for the other
man, but he remained at large. Police found a handgun and rifle at the
scene, and were looking for video evidence and conducting interviews to
determine details such as why and how the shooting occurred.
two officers were responding to an unrelated radio call and driving
slowly in a neighborhood when they saw two men on a sidewalk and the
flash of a rifle being fired, police said.
The officers stopped
their car, and one got out and returned fire as the men fled. Police
found one suspect, uninjured, a short time later along with a rifle and
another weapon.
Police searched the neighborhood throughout the
night for the other suspect, warning nearby residents to stay in their
homes. Police stopped the search early Monday after the suspect was not
Chief Charlie Beck said at a conference Monday that
he was concerned that people might be targeting officers but added that
the neighborhood had been marred by gang violence during the past
several months and there had been a significant number of gang
The shooting comes as protesters in California and
across the country have rallied for weeks against police killings of
unarmed black men in Missouri and New York.
The killing of two New York City officers in their patrol car has departments on edge across the country.
New York gunman ambushed the officers then killed himself after posting
threats online, including references to the fatal shooting of
18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the chokehold death
of Eric Garner in New York City. Both were killed by white officers.