Mother of the transgender teen who killed herself wrote on Facebook

December 31, 2014 5:34 pm

17 year old Leelah (Josh) Alcorn committed suicide
on Sunday December 28th by walking in front of a tractor trailer and
left a suicide note before he died. But when her mum reacted to her
death on Facebook, she wrote something that many folks in the
gay/transgender world are very upset about. First the mother said she
was 16 when Leelah wrote she was 17. Carla called her Joshua instead of
the name she’d given herself, Leelah and she also refused to acknowledge
that Leelah had committed suicide instead she wrote that she was hit by
a trailer. Meaning that she still doesn’t accept who Leelah was as a
person even after she committed suicide. After the backlash, Carla
deleted the post and removed herself from Facebook. Leelah Alcorn blamed
his suicide on his Christian parents…

Leelah’s parents

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